Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Health Problems of Insufficient Sleep

Sleep is Necessary
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Ed Yourdon
Insufficient sleep causes several problems.

It suppresses the overall growth of the body.

The sleep increases is necessary for overall health.

The sleeplessness leads to increased risks of obesity.

Insufficient sleep causes cognitive impairment and memory loss.

It creates stress by causing irritability and also impairs the moral judgment.

It changes the normal heart rate and thereby increases the risk of heart disease. 

It causes severe yawning due to improper use of oxygen by the body and affects the immune system.

It decreases the normal temperature of the body and causes several temperature related problems like indigestion etc.

The restlessness associated with it leads to hallucinations and increases the blood sugar which may lead to type 2 diabetes.

Sleeplessness decreases the reaction time and accuracy of the normal functioning of the muscles and thereby causes tremors and aches.


Instead of artificial means the positive attitude is necessary for sleep. Here are few tips for sleepless.  

The thought and worries about sleep causes sleeplessness. Lie down in easy and comfortable position and stop thinking about sleep.

Do not think about the affairs, problems or tensions of the day or about the next day.
Try reading a book as it will help to keep the thought of sleeplessness away.

Eating salad with garlic at night is best for sleeplessness.
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