Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Sugar Cane Juice helps in Jaundice

The sugar cane juice is a cool and delicious drink. It should always be taken fresh. It contains minerals, vitamins, and several antioxidants.

It gives instant energy due to the presence of sufficient amount of iron and carbohydrates in it.

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The minerals and organic acid in it make it a medicinal drink.

It is beneficial in anaemia, jaundice, hiccup, brain and gut strength, etc. It strengthens the kidney functions and improves the eyesight.

It helps in acidity and soothes the burning sensation.

When taken with lemon and little salt it helps in the speedy recovery in jaundice.

The kidney stones are formed when there is deficiency of water in body. The continuous replenishing of water requirement in the body reduces the risk of stone formation. On the other hand the cane juice breaks the stones and fulfils the water needs.

The juice can also be taken in diabetes, because it balances the blood sugar levels and has no harmful sweeteners in it.  
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