Thursday, 19 June 2014

How to Save the Eyes from Ultraviolet Rays of Sunlight

Save the eyes
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The sunscreen is used to save the skin from the sunlight. Similarly the glasses with appropriate lenses should be used to save the eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.  

The excessive amounts of incoming ultraviolet rays entering the eyes cause cataract, retina damage and several other problems.

In summer the ultraviolet rays are the severest. Hence it is advisable to use the black lenses or those coated with a layer to stop the ultraviolet rays, dust and hot air from directly entering the eyes.

The problem of dryness in eyes is common in summer and it is better to use the eye drops on medical advice to keep the eyes moist.

Due to increase in temperature and pollution in summer, the eyes become more sensitive towards allergies especially of children. Irritation, burning sensation and redness occur due to allergens. So it is advisable to wash the eyes with clean water twice a day, avoid rubbing the eyes, keep away from dust and use the glasses in sunlight.

Conjunctivitis or pink eye or eye flu is very common in summer. It is associated with pricking sensation and water discharge from eyes. This problem is contagious and needs immediate cure. During this problem take care of cleanliness of the eyes and wash the eyes with clean water. Don’t share the towel or handkerchief with anyone. Avoid public contact for two days so that it may not spread further.

Use good quality glasses while swimming to check the water from entering into the eyes. Excessive chlorination and addition of other chemicals is done in the swimming pool in order to keep the water safe. This water is harmful to the eyes and may cause a burning sensation. 

The swelling of eyelids may occur due to infection, together with redness and pain. In case of the problem of sty, it is better to use warm water bottle against the eyes with antibiotics and analgesics. Always wash the eyes with clean water, immediately after coming out of the pool.

Avoid the air of air conditioners from directly entering the eyes as it causes dryness.

Consult the physician if the pain in the eyes occurs on the next morning after remaining in sunlight.

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