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Acidity- The Home and Herbal Remedies

It is necessary that the foods we eat should be properly digested. The stomach releases hydrochloric acid during digestion which helps in the proper digestion of the food. But sometimes this acid is released in excess and causes inflammation in stomach and leads to the pain or irritation in the path between pharynx and stomach. The situation is known as acidity or acid peptic problem.
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Reasons for Acidity
The chief reasons of acidity include irregular eating habits, eating food without chewing and insufficient intake of water. The intake of spicy and junk food also causes acidity. Other reasons are hasty eating or eating under stress, smoking, ulcer and the intake of alcohol. The intake of heavy food alleviates the effect of acidity. Remaining hungry for longer durations and skipping the breakfast also causes acidity. 

The symptoms of acidity are dyspepsia, feeling of nausea, belches, stomach and chest inflammation and the loss of interest in eating.

Herbal or Ayurvedic Remedies
1. Take black salt and carom seed or thyme or ajwain in warm water for the swelling of the stomach in gastric problem. 
2. The leaves of fenugreek help in stomach inflammation and dysplasia.
3. The intake of aniseed of saunf is very effective in acidity especially for children.  It and helps in digestion too. 
4. The green cardamom alleviates inflammation of stomach and acidity. 
5. The intake of myrobalan or hurd gives relief from acidity and chest inflammation.
6. The intake of gentiana or swertia chirayita helps in diarrhea and gives relief in several from stomach disorders. 
7. Chamomile or babuna alleviates the inflammation of stomach and acidity. 
8. The intake of sandalwood powder helps in acidity and gastric. It is an age old remedy. 
9. The intake of garlic gives relief in acidity and is very effective in stomach disorders. 
10. The intake of ginger juice with honey gives instant relief in acidity. 
11. The intake of ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) helps to increase the appetite and alleviates the stomach inflammation. 

Home remedies
1. Regularly take mint in any form.
2. Do not drink anything after the meals. 
3. The intake of almonds gives relief from chest inflammation caused due to acidity.
4. Add the vegetables containing vitamin B and vitamin E to the regular diet. 
5 Go for regular exercises and physical labor. 
6. Take cucumber, musk melon and water melon to get relief in acidity. 
7. The basil leaves give relief from acidity and nausea. 
8. Take coconut water. 
9. Add few drops of lemon juice to drinking water to get relief from acidity and chest inflammation. 
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