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Health Care by Proper Foods in Summer

It is very necessary to take care of the overall health as the weather is changing and the summer season is approaching. It is in this season that several diseases appear and slight carelessness can damage our health. 

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
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It is in the changing season that the physicians advise the people to be extra vigilant about their health. According to medical sciences the changing weather directly affects the overall health. Allopathic, homeopathic and Ayurvedic system of medical sciences stress that several diseases appear in the changing weather.

It is in this season that the numbers of patients visiting the hospitals for treatment become large. The weather is becoming hot and the diseases have begun showing their effect on the common people.  The people are starting to suffer from diarrhea, jaundice, nausea, queasiness etc.

The changing weather affects our immune system and the dangers of allergic and viral infections increase. The mosquito and house fly aggravate the problem by spreading several diseases and the presence of increased bacteria too spoil the foods including milk, curd and fruits. 

The Diseases in Summer
The problems like heat exhaustion, sunburn, nausea, diarrhoea, malaria, dengue, low blood pressure, typhoid etc., become more prevalent in summer. The people become ill due to irregular routine.
The excess sweating in summer leads to deficiency of salt in the body. It causes low blood pressure.
The cold weather in the mornings and evenings and the heat during the day time increase the risks of cold, flu, cough and fever.
In such a situation it is better to take liquid diet like lemon juice, butter milk, juice of fruits and vegetables and sufficient water. They help to wash out the toxins from the body.
Take nutritious diet and avoid eating out in summer.
Do not remain empty stomach for longer as it affects the immune system and increases the risks of becoming ill.
The people already under some medical prescription should remain extra vigilant.
Do not eat the stale food or the food which has been cooked a long while ago.
Do not allow the animals and insects to enter the kitchen.
Eat warm and fresh foods.
Properly wash the hands before eating anything.

What to Eat in Summer Season

The digestive system becomes weaker during summer as compared to winter. The fried and spicy foods should not be taken in summer as they badly affect the digestive system and may cause food poisoning. The lighter and easily digestible food should be taken in summer and avoid eating rich foods.
The body badly needs water in summer and it is advisable to always carry the water bottle so that few droughts could be taken now and then.

Eat Fresh
Avoid eating stale food in summer and always prefer fresh food.The vegetables and other cooked items soon become rancid in summer and the intake of such foods spoil the digestive system and may cause food poisoning.

Don‘t go Without Food
It is better not to keep the stomach empty in summer as it may cause the deficiency of several nutrients in the body. Take lighter meals after small intervals instead of takin heavy one in a single stretch.

The seasonal and water rich fruits like melons, mango, grapes, oranges etc., should also be taken as they maintain the required water levels in the body and supply the needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The fruits keep the body freah and healthy.

Reduce the Intake of Tea and Coffee
The intake of liquid diet is necessary in summer, but it is advisable to reduce the consumption of tea and coffee. These drinks are hot and are not suitable for the summer season. It is better to take lemon water, milk, butter milk, juice of fruits and vegetables etc.
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