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The Prevalance of Osteoporosis

Shrinking of the bone in osteoporosis
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The prevalence of the disease appears 10 to 20 years earlier in Indian males as compared to their western counterparts.Osteoporosis is the problem of loss in the strength of bones and decreased bone density which is caused due to ageing. In India, about 60% of the people above the age of 50 are suffering from osteoporosis. 
About 4 persons out of 10 and 6 persons out of 10 up to the age of 50 years and above 50 respectively come under the risk of the problem of osteoporosis.
The chances of the fracture of the bones of wrist, hip and spine increase among those suffering from osteoporosis. The women mostly suffer from hip fracture.
Osteoporosis is of two types. 
Bone density peaks at about 30 years of age.
Women lose bone mass more rapidly than men.
Wikimedia Commons by 
Anatomy & Physiology,
Connexions Web site
The first is primary osteoporosis which occurs due to the loss in the activity of genitals, as is found among the women after menopause. 
The other is secondary osteoporosis which is caused due to health disorders like hyper thyroid, genital disorders, kidney problems etc.

The body regulates calcium homeostasis 
with two pathways; one is signaled to turn 
on when blood calcium levels drop below 
normal and one is the pathway that is signaled 
to turn on when blood calcium levels are elevated.
          Wikimedia Commons by Anatomy
          & Physiology, Connexions Web site
The symptoms of osteoporosis do not appear until the bones become brittle and the fractures occur even due to mild shocks.
Hence 20th October is celebrated as the World Osteoporosis day to spread the awareness of the disease throughout the world.
The best option in osteoporosis is the Bone Mineral Density test. The treatment is multi pronged which includes weight tolerance exercises, abstinence from smoking and drinking, intake o calcium and phosphorus rich foods. The medicines include calcium and vitamin D, calistonin, bisphosphonates, hormone replacement therapy etc. as advised by the pediatrician.     
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