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The Health Benefits of Raw Salad

The Salad Platter
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by fir0002
The preparation of salad is very easy and it is good for the health too. It includes several vegetables and fruits which are nutritious and healthy. The fresh salad helps in proper functioning of the digestive system on one hand and helps in weight loss on the other.
The intake of raw fruits and vegetables keep us fit and healthy. It helps in longevity too.
The fresh fruits and vegetables have their own taste and the mixture of the two is a relishing food. The knowledge of the benefits of raw salad adds to its taste too.

Use Different Types of Salads
The salad does not merely means the cucumber, beetroot, tomato or radish. One can add any fruit or vegetable un salad to get new flavor and extra benefits. They are so rich in calories that one can have new alternative every day for years and years together.
One can select any of the following options if tired of routine salads. The style of preparation of salad by different selection of fruits and vegetables give new flavors.

Salads Reduce the Calorie Intake
One can go on taking the salads without including the fried and baked foods. They have less calories and therefore help in weight loss.
The inclusion of fruits and good fat like olive oil and avocado helps in the assimilation of iron, lycopene, lutein and other nutritious elements by the body.

Source of Fiber
The healthy food gives energy to the body and satisfies the feeling of hunger by keeping the stomach full for several hours.  The salads increase the amount of fiber in our foods which reduces the levels of cholesterol and removes constipation. The intake of high fiber before the meals help in reduced intake of food and calories. It thereby helps in reducing the weight by reducing the intake of calories.

Saves from Hunger
If you always feel like eating something sweet, then it is better to eat salads instead of candy or chocolate bar. It will not only satisfy the hunger, but also give the taste and feeling of freshness by providing sufficient energy to the body.

Salads are Healthy
The salads are full of vitamins and minerals and boost the immune system. The vitamin C in them helps against infections. The presence of calcium in salad strengthens the bones and teeth and saves from several skin diseases. They help in healing of wounds and make the blood thick.
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