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The Corn Removes Wrinkles and Strengthens the Bones and the Heart

The corn or maize has several health benefits. The oil of corn contains linoleic acid and it helps to remove the skin wrinkles. The grains of corn are very benefoicial for overall health. The intake of corn has the following benefits.
Corn Bushel
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Heart and Cholesterol
The rich amounts of vitamin C, bio-flavonoids, caratanoid, and fiber present in corn help to control the cholesterol and helps in cardias problems. It also removes the blockage from the arteries of the and makes the heart healthy and strong. It reduces the levels of bad cholesterol and regulates the blood flow.

The antioxidants and flavonoids present in cholesterol reduce the risls of cancer. Corn contains facilic acid which reduces the size of the tumor present in breast and liver.

The intake of corn retards the growth of wrinkles due to the presence of vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants in it. It contains anti-oxidants that help in lasting youthfulness of the skin. The starch of corn makes the skin soft and saves it from rashes and itching inflammations too.

It strengthens the bones and helps in osteoporosis, as its yellow seeds contain plenty of magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorous. It reduces the chances of breaking of bones in old age. It is advisable to take it for longer duration.

The presence of beta carotene and vitamin A makes corn the best food for reducing different problems of eyes.

Corn is the best source of energy due to the presence of rich amounts of calories in it.

The rich amounts of fiber in corn help the body to remove waste products from colon and excreta.

It contains enough fiber and helps in digestion. It is best for constipation, piles, or peptic ulcers. Boil the raw corn in water and take the filtered extract for urine inflammation. It also strengthens the kidneys and helps in their normal functioning.


The deficiency of iron causes anemia and the corn replenishes the deficiency and corn is a good source of iron. It contains vitamin B and folic acid which helps in anemia. The intake of boiled corn removes the deficiency of blood. The intake of corn is very beneficial in pregnancy due to the presence of folic acid and vitamin B in it.

Corn Oil
Grind the milky raw seeds of corn and keep the glass container in sunlight. The milk will vaporize and the oil would be left behind. Filter the extract and use the oil for massage as it strengthens the bones and muscles especially of toddlers. 
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