How to Remove Nicotine and Tar From Lungs

Smoking is not a Fun
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Ilmagodilussino
The number of individuals being diagnosed for lung cancer is increasing day by day. The principal cause of the problem is the universal habit of smoking. More and more people especially children are getting addicted to smoking.

The lungs could be cleaned of nicotine by adopting certain measures. The carbon, nicotine, tar and other poisonous substances could be scrubbed off from the lungs to ward off the dangers of cancer, asthma, bronchitis etc.

There are certain measures which could increase the capacity of the lungs in general and improve the health of the breathing system in particular.

Both the passive and the active smokers including those living in smoke pollution should clean the lungs to increase the oxygen assimilating capacity of lungs.

There are some natural remedies to clean the lungs thereby cleaning the quality of blood circulated by the heart. It takes about 3 days to clean the lungs.

1. Stop eating all dairy products just 2 days before starting the cleaning of the lungs. The dairy foods release the chemicals in the colon and cause constipation. The lungs have to over work to get rid the toxic substances from the body.

2. Eat the crushed fruit or two of garlic in the morning as it removes the toxins from the body.  

3. Take a large glass of the juice of two lemons before breakfast. One can also take grapefruit or pineapple juices as an alternative. These fruits act as anti-oxidants and strengthen the respiratory system.

4. Similarly take a glass of carrot juice between breakfast and lunch to alkalize the body for three days.

4. Take the potassium rich juice in the evening as it acts as a tonic.

6. Take the same amount of cranberry juice before going to bed as it cleans the body and acts as a tonic and a disinfectant against the bacteria in the lungs.

7. Perform the exercises of deep breathing to increase the immune system and to strengthen the muscles of the lungs by inhaling from one nostril and exhaling from the other alternately.

8. Take a hot steam bath for half an hour everyday to increase the removal of toxins through sweating.

9. Inhale the steam containing few drops of eucalyptus oil twice a day for atleast 10 minutes each. 
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