The Health benefits of Turmeric Milk

A Glass of milk
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Stefan Kühn
The milk contains rich amount of calcium while the turmeric acts as an antibiotic. The mixture of both by adding a oinch of turmeric in a glass of milk is very beneficial for overall health.
Turmeric Powder
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1. Asthma
The microbial properties of turmeric help in respiratory disorders. It should be taken with warm milk for astama, bronchitis, sough in lungs, sinus etc. It will give warmth,  relax the lungs and sinus and fight against viral and bacterial infections.
2. Obesity
The turmeric milk reduces the extra accumulated fats from the body. The minerals, calcium and other nutrients help in weight loss.  
3. Strong Bones
The presence of antioxidants in turmeric and calcium in milk strengthens the bones and increases the iimmune system of the body. It reduces the risks of bone damages and minimizes the problem of osteoporosis.
4. Blood Purifier
The turmeric milk acts as a blood purifier and removes the toxic substances from the body. It is also a blood thinner and cleans the arteries. Thus it helps in proper circulation of the blood in the body.
5. Digestion
The turmeric milk acts as powerfula antiseptic and keeps the intestines clean and healthy. It also helps in peptic ulcers, diarohea and colitis. It is very helpful in digestion.
6. Pain Killer
The turmeric nilk helps in arthritis. It reduces the swelling caused by rheumatic arthritis. It makes the joints and muscles flexible which leads to the alleviation of pain.
7. Sleep Inducer

The turmeric milk helps in the formation of an amino chemical named triptophen in the body, which helps in sound sleep. In case of restlessness and sleeplessness, it is advisable to take the turmeric milk half an hour before going to bed. It will help to get rid of the problem of sleeplessness.  
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