The benefits of Black Cardamom

Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Brian Arthur

Cardamom comes in two varieties the green and the black.The fruit of black cardamom and its scented brown seeds are used to flavor the foods. One of its species Morang cardamom is found in Himalayan regions including Nepal, West Bengal, Sikkim and Assam etc.  It has a thick peel with stripes of light brown color with brown seeds affixed together due to thick sugar like sap. It’s flowering and fruiting season is from February to June. The seeds contain vaporizing chemicals like flavonone, turpineol, glycocide, cineol, limo-nine etc. The seed oil contains profuse amount of cineol.

It has several health benefits.

Apply the paste of the seeds of big cardamom on head or inhale the ground seeds to get relief in headache.

Make a paste of the ground seeds of big cardamom in honey and apply it on blisters and mouth ulcers.

In case of tooth ache mix equal amount of the oils of cardamom and clove and apply on affected areas.

In case of the problem of continual oozing spit or saliva ground equal amount of big cardamom and betel and regularly suck 2 grams of it.

Mix 10 drops of the oil of big cardamom with sugar candy and take regularly to get relief in asthma.
Regularly take 2 gram aniseed or saunf with the seeds of a big cardamom to increase digestion.

Mix 10 gram of the seeds of aegle marmelos or bael with one gram big cardamom and take twice in the morning and in evening for diarrhea. Mix ground rye with big cardamom and take 2 to 4 gram daily with water to strengthen the lever functions.

Chewing the powder of one or two cardamom thrice a day alleviates the body pains.
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