Monday, 24 July 2017

The Health Benefits of Sweet Apple

Sweet apple is widely cultivated. That is why it is known by different names according to its place of cultivation. 

Sugar Apple or Annona Squamosa
Wikimedia Commons by Jim Conrad
The English call it sugar apple or sweetsop as well as a custard apple. 

The people of India and Australia call it custard apple. 

It is also known as  Annona Squamosa and its related species is called Annona reticulata, a closely related species).

In India, it is known as Sitaphal or Sharifa in local languages. 

This sweet fruit is rich in calories. It is a rich source of iron and vitamin C.
It is easily digestible and is very helpful in peptic ulcers and helps in the problems of bile.
It is not only a fruit but a medicine too.

For abscess

The application of the paste of the leaves of sweet apple helps to cure the abscess.

Inflammation of Body

Sugar Apples
Wikimedia Commons by Sengkang
The intake of sweet apple or taking the juice of the pulp gives relief in skin inflammation.

Hair Loss:
The application of the paste of the seeds of sweet apple with the milk of goat helps is alopecia and the hair starts growing again.

Hair lice
Grind the seeds of sweet apple and apply the powder on hair. Let it remain overnight after tieing the hair with a piece of cloth. This remedy completely kills the lice. The powder should not get into the eyes as it may cause irritation and other damages. 
Massaging the green leaves of sweet apple on the head also kills lice and nit.

Eating unripe fruit of sweet apple in raw form helps in diarrhea and loose motions. 

Revital: Sweet apple helps in overall weakness and tiredness. It strengthens the weak muscles and helps in the growth of the tissues of the skin. It the best fruit for the strength of the body. 

Heart: It regulates the normal functions of the heart and helps in nervousness. 

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