Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Health Benefits of Pears in Menopause and Diabetes

Pears contain several vitamins and minerals and the regular intake of pears replenishes several deficiencies in the body. It is best for the health of the heart and prevents the effects of arthritis. It also controls the uric acid and prevents the onslaught of cancer. 
It controls acne and reduces the effects of ageing by controlling the fine lines of wrinkles. 
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The regular intake of pear reduces the risks of cancer in women after menopause. The rich amount of vitamin C and antioxidants in pears have been found to save the cells from the onslaught of cancer. The presence of copper, antioxidants and vitamin C in pears improves the immune system of the body.

It is good in osteoporosis, as it contains rich amounts of boron which maintains the presence of calcium in bones.

Bowel Movement and Digestion
It helps in bowel movement and could be easily digested. It contains hydrocyanic acid which reduces the risks of peptic ulcer. The fiber in it helps to stop the spreading of stomach cancer and keeps the large intestine healthy. The carbohydrates in pears help in digestive system. The intake of pears helps in constipation and makes the large intestine healthy.
Vitamin C in pears helps in repairs of tissues and strengthens the general metabolism of the body.

Heart Problems
The presence of the soluble compound pactine in pear controls the levels of blood cholesterol and cellulose. The antioxidants and glutathione in pears helps to reduce the risks of heart stroke and high blood pressure.  The trace amounts of cholesterol saves from several heart diseases and diabetes.

The rich fiber contents in pears help to control diabetes. The body slowly absorbs the glucose present in pears as the fiber in it regulates the blood sugar levels. It satisfies the desire of diabetic patients to eat something sweet.

Nervous System
The potassium in pears helps in contraction of muscles and proper functioning of the nervous system.

Give Instant Energy
The juice of pears is a rich source of energy as it contains sufficient amounts of glucose and fructose.

Other Benefits
The juice also helps in fever.
The juice of pears reduces the swelling of body.
The intake of the juice of pears cleans the throat.
The intake of pears is very beneficial in pregnancy.
The pear gives instant energy, quenches the thirst.
It helps in several infections like cough, cold, etc., and speeds up the healing of the wounds.

Certain side effects of allergic reactions may appear in some pople.
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