Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tinospora Cordifolia or Giloy for Anemia

With the change of the season several petty ailments afflict the people. So it is better to take care of the health and spare a little time for ourselves so that these ailments may not turn into serious diseases.
The leaves of Tinospora Cordifolia or Giloy
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In traditional system of medicines several herbs and plants were used even for severe problems, but now the drugs and chemicals have replaced them.

One of such herb is giloy or tinospora cordifolia, the leaves of which are very beneficial for obesity and other diseases.  This vine is native to India and is also foiund in Sri Lanka and Mayanmar. It is also known as heart-leaves moonseed belonging to the family of Menispermaceae. The stem, roots and leaves of tinospora cordifolia are used in Ayurvedic system of medicines.  

The leaves of tinospora cordifolia contain rich amounts of calcium, proteins and phosphorus, while its stem contains enough starch. It has antiviral and antibiotic properties which protects the body from several diseases.
Some of the benefits of tinospora cordifolia are listed hereunder.

The leaves of tinospora cordifolia increase the haemoglobin and strengthen the immune system. The leaves are taken with butter oil or honey to get the desired results.

The intake of tinospora cordifolia is very beneficial in jaundice. The intake of a tablespoon of the powder of tinospora cordifolia with black pepper and triphla or three fruits viz. Indian gooes berry, myrobalan and terminalia belericas (amla, hurd and behra) helps in jaundice.  
Inflammation of Feet

Tinospora cordifolia is very beneficial for the inflammation of the feet. Boil the juice of the leaves of Tinospora cordifolia with Indian gooseberry and the leaves of mergosa tree and prepare the extract. Take of 1-2 tablespoons of the extract thrice day, to get relief from the inflammation of the feet. 

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