Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Blurred Vision in Adolescent Age

Mos of the people believe that the spectacles are used by the people who are either old or nerds. But this is a misconception. But in the present age of pollution, several dust particles and different chemicals existing in the environment cause sever damages to the eyesight.
Scheme of keratoconus compared to normal cornea
Wikimedia Commons by Madhero88  

It is advisable to get the eyes checked, even if a little difficulty appears in vision. It could be due to the presence a problem known as keratoconus.

Several changes like pimples, voice change, acne etc., appear in adolescent age. But very few people know that the vision too changes during this time. Sometimes the spherical cornea becomes weak and starts inflating to the the shape of a cone. 

This situation is called keratoconus or kerato cornea or conus cone.

It is not a type of blindness, but here the vision becomes a unpleasant. For a very long time it was believed that this problem has no treatment, but the things have changed now.

The conical bulge caused by Keratoconus
Wikimedia Commons byIndiana University 
School of Medicine

This problem causes several damages to the eyesight like the simultaneous vision of multiple images, intolerance to light and blurred vision.

This problem decreases the reading ability of the person if both the eyes get affected.

It is better to consult an expert ophthalmologist who could examine the symptoms and observe the cornea under microscope with the help of slit lamp. 

In corneal topography, the shape and circumference of the cornea is measured by pentacam, an instrument which helps to cure keratoconus in the very beginning. 

In such a situation the vision is improved by the use of contact lenses or spectacles.

Other specific treatments could be needed, if the problem of keratoconus becomes severe. 

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