Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Blurred Vision in Adolescent Age

Mos of the people believe that the spectacles are used by the people who are either old or nerds. But this is a misconception. But in the present age of pollution, several dust particles and different chemicals existing in the environment cause sever damages to the eyesight.
Scheme of keratoconus compared to normal cornea
Wikimedia Commons by Madhero88  

It is advisable to get the eyes checked, even if a little difficulty appears in vision. It could be due to the presence a problem known as keratoconus.

Several changes like pimples, voice change, acne etc., appear in adolescent age. But very few people know that the vision too changes during this time. Sometimes the spherical cornea becomes weak and starts inflating to the the shape of a cone. 

This situation is called keratoconus or kerato cornea or conus cone.

It is not a type of blindness, but here the vision becomes a unpleasant. For a very long time it was believed that this problem has no treatment, but the things have changed now.

The conical bulge caused by Keratoconus
Wikimedia Commons byIndiana University 
School of Medicine

This problem causes several damages to the eyesight like the simultaneous vision of multiple images, intolerance to light and blurred vision.

This problem decreases the reading ability of the person if both the eyes get affected.

It is better to consult an expert ophthalmologist who could examine the symptoms and observe the cornea under microscope with the help of slit lamp. 

In corneal topography, the shape and circumference of the cornea is measured by pentacam, an instrument which helps to cure keratoconus in the very beginning. 

In such a situation the vision is improved by the use of contact lenses or spectacles.

Other specific treatments could be needed, if the problem of keratoconus becomes severe. 

Tinospora Cordifolia or Giloy for Anemia

With the change of the season several petty ailments afflict the people. So it is better to take care of the health and spare a little time for ourselves so that these ailments may not turn into serious diseases.
The leaves of Tinospora Cordifolia or Giloy
Wikimedia Commons by Tmd 

In traditional system of medicines several herbs and plants were used even for severe problems, but now the drugs and chemicals have replaced them.

One of such herb is giloy or tinospora cordifolia, the leaves of which are very beneficial for obesity and other diseases.  This vine is native to India and is also foiund in Sri Lanka and Mayanmar. It is also known as heart-leaves moonseed belonging to the family of Menispermaceae. The stem, roots and leaves of tinospora cordifolia are used in Ayurvedic system of medicines.  

The leaves of tinospora cordifolia contain rich amounts of calcium, proteins and phosphorus, while its stem contains enough starch. It has antiviral and antibiotic properties which protects the body from several diseases.
Some of the benefits of tinospora cordifolia are listed hereunder.

The leaves of tinospora cordifolia increase the haemoglobin and strengthen the immune system. The leaves are taken with butter oil or honey to get the desired results.

The intake of tinospora cordifolia is very beneficial in jaundice. The intake of a tablespoon of the powder of tinospora cordifolia with black pepper and triphla or three fruits viz. Indian gooes berry, myrobalan and terminalia belericas (amla, hurd and behra) helps in jaundice.  
Inflammation of Feet

Tinospora cordifolia is very beneficial for the inflammation of the feet. Boil the juice of the leaves of Tinospora cordifolia with Indian gooseberry and the leaves of mergosa tree and prepare the extract. Take of 1-2 tablespoons of the extract thrice day, to get relief from the inflammation of the feet. 

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Health Care by Proper Foods in Summer

It is very necessary to take care of the overall health as the weather is changing and the summer season is approaching. It is in this season that several diseases appear and slight carelessness can damage our health. 

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Emerika
It is in the changing season that the physicians advise the people to be extra vigilant about their health. According to medical sciences the changing weather directly affects the overall health. Allopathic, homeopathic and Ayurvedic system of medical sciences stress that several diseases appear in the changing weather.

It is in this season that the numbers of patients visiting the hospitals for treatment become large. The weather is becoming hot and the diseases have begun showing their effect on the common people.  The people are starting to suffer from diarrhea, jaundice, nausea, queasiness etc.

The changing weather affects our immune system and the dangers of allergic and viral infections increase. The mosquito and house fly aggravate the problem by spreading several diseases and the presence of increased bacteria too spoil the foods including milk, curd and fruits. 

The Diseases in Summer
The problems like heat exhaustion, sunburn, nausea, diarrhoea, malaria, dengue, low blood pressure, typhoid etc., become more prevalent in summer. The people become ill due to irregular routine.
The excess sweating in summer leads to deficiency of salt in the body. It causes low blood pressure.
The cold weather in the mornings and evenings and the heat during the day time increase the risks of cold, flu, cough and fever.
In such a situation it is better to take liquid diet like lemon juice, butter milk, juice of fruits and vegetables and sufficient water. They help to wash out the toxins from the body.
Take nutritious diet and avoid eating out in summer.
Do not remain empty stomach for longer as it affects the immune system and increases the risks of becoming ill.
The people already under some medical prescription should remain extra vigilant.
Do not eat the stale food or the food which has been cooked a long while ago.
Do not allow the animals and insects to enter the kitchen.
Eat warm and fresh foods.
Properly wash the hands before eating anything.

What to Eat in Summer Season

The digestive system becomes weaker during summer as compared to winter. The fried and spicy foods should not be taken in summer as they badly affect the digestive system and may cause food poisoning. The lighter and easily digestible food should be taken in summer and avoid eating rich foods.
The body badly needs water in summer and it is advisable to always carry the water bottle so that few droughts could be taken now and then.

Eat Fresh
Avoid eating stale food in summer and always prefer fresh food.The vegetables and other cooked items soon become rancid in summer and the intake of such foods spoil the digestive system and may cause food poisoning.

Don‘t go Without Food
It is better not to keep the stomach empty in summer as it may cause the deficiency of several nutrients in the body. Take lighter meals after small intervals instead of takin heavy one in a single stretch.

The seasonal and water rich fruits like melons, mango, grapes, oranges etc., should also be taken as they maintain the required water levels in the body and supply the needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The fruits keep the body freah and healthy.

Reduce the Intake of Tea and Coffee
The intake of liquid diet is necessary in summer, but it is advisable to reduce the consumption of tea and coffee. These drinks are hot and are not suitable for the summer season. It is better to take lemon water, milk, butter milk, juice of fruits and vegetables etc.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Artificial Light Causes Obesity

It is a common belief that obesity is caused by reckless eating habits. Even the dieticians and common populace are of the opinion that the fat people eat more, are indolent, stay away from exercises and are fond of oily and sweet foods.
Blue Light
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Dirk Vorderstra├če

A new scientific research has challenged this conventional belief. It has been found that besides the eating habits, there are other surprising reasons responsible for obesity. These include the duration of time one spends on computer, laptop or smartphone and the quality of light in which one stays for most of the time.

Indeed these results are amazing, but the recent researches have revealed the facts that the blue light emanating from the electronic gadgets is the chiefest cause of obesity. It has been found that the blue light coming from smartphones and laptops increases the appetite and compels to take over-diet after just taking the regular meals. 

But so far the researchers have not found the reasons behind such increased appetite. Besides, it has been found that the late night working on laptops or smartphones not only increases the appetite, but also affects the normal sleep. This disturbance in normal sleeping pattern is also one of the reasons of obesity. 
Closed shack on the Aachener Christmas market in the night
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by T├║relio 

Not only the blue light, but all types of artificial lights may cause obesity. It was found that staying in the artificial lights for longer duration is more responsible for obesity than the eating habits. We could become fat by staying in artificial light.

The artificial lights affect the processes of calorie intake and calorie burning and thereby cause obesity.

The staying in artificial lights for longer duration obstructs the calorie burning process of the body. 

The light affects fatness.The digestive system depends upon the cyclic tuning of the body which is related to the habits of sleeping, waking, eating and drinking.  

Garlic Lowers the Blood Pressure

Garlic not only imparts flavor to the food, but is good for the health too. Garlic is very beneficial for health and could be used for several home remedies. 
Peeled garlic
Wikimedia Commons by BrokenSphere
Garlic has several medicinal properties and can effectively cure many diseases. It can also be used as a preventive measure.

It helps in ear pain, blood pressure, virility, flu, allergies and several other diseases and ailments.
Ear pain
The juice of garlic can be used for the pain in ears. Boil and stain two cloves of crushed garlic in mustard oil and and put few drops of this warm oil into the ear to get relief in ear pain. 

Blood pressure
A garlic clove could be taken in the morning in fasting stomach to lower the high blood pressure. It is better to chop the garlic clove and swallow every bit like a pill to avoid irritation in the stomach lining. The syrup could be prepared with two cloves of peeled and grated garlic by mixing them with sugar and a glass of water. Take 2 tablespoons a day of this mixture to lower the blood pressure.

Combine the garlic with wheat germ oil and cayenne or cayenne pepper or red hot chili pepper and rub it on the area of the lumbar spine.

Prepare the paste of garlic and spread it on the chest and back to soften the cough and relieve the airway.

It helps in digestion and regulates the movement of bowels.

Cough, Cold, Flu and Allergies

Boil garlic buds in water and leave it for 12 hours, then honey and prepare a syrup of it. This is good for cough, cold,flu and respiratory problems.Take few crushed garlic with honey and lemon to prevent flu and allergies.

Muscle Aches and Pain Relief
The regular intake of garlic tones the muscles. Crush a clove of garlic, prepare a paste of it and rub it on the affected area to get relief in muscle pain. For severe pains keep the paste applied on affected area for the entire night.
Burn few garlic cloves with little carom seeds or thyme or ajwain in mustard oil and massage it on the the body for all types of pains especially joint pains.

According to researches the intake of about 4 gm of garlic every day saves from several diseases. It contains antioxidants and has antibiotic properties. It also protects against cancer.

Reduces Cholesterol

Taking a bud of garlic in the morning with water, reduces the cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure.


It regulates the blood sugar levels and boosts the immunity too. Grate the buds of garlic and boil in water, filter the contents and ingest with salt and black pepper for immune system.

Garlic regulates the flow of urine and gives relief in kidney and liver problems.

The breast feeding women should avoid the use of garlic as it alters the taste of milk and produces pain in the stomach and intestines infant.

People who suffer from headaches should also avoid using garlic.

Ice and Icecream May Cause Deadly Infections

The use of mouthwatering ice-cream increases with the advent of summer and no one thinks twice before relishing it. But it is necessary to be careful before the use of ice-cream especially in developing countries, as it may cause several water borne diseases or deadly infections. These diseases affect the children and the aged people more.
The reckless use of ice-cream could become fatal if timely medical aid is not given. 

Strawberry Ice Cream with Strawberries
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Lotus Head

Frequent Use of Ice
In India, the ice is generally used for cooling in several juices, cold drinks, hard/soft drinks and even in water.
Generally the ice producing factories do so for commercial purpose and such ice is meant for cooling purposes and not for direct consumption. But most of the hotel or restaurant owners especially the roadside sellers use this ice to be put directly into the products to be taken. The health authorities rarely bother that from where such ice comes which is being served to the consumers.

The Diseases Caused
The stomach and the digestive system get severely affected by the use of the ice made from polluted water and manufactured in rusted containers. The stomach infection, vomiting, nausea, dysentery, cold, flu, gastroenteritis, worms in intestines and several throat infections occur due to the use of such ice. These diseases could lead to death for want of timely medical aid.

Why it happens
In most of the ice making factories the ice is prepared in rusted metal containers. Sometimes the pieces of rust get detached and become mixed in the water. Finally these pieces of rust come out with the final ice blocks. Above all the water used to prepare ice is generally contaminated or polluted, as the ice being prepared is meant to be used for cooling and not to be directly consumed. As a result the ice-cream made in the market by the use of contaminated ice gives invitation to several diseases.

The Parameters
There are special parameters for the manufacturing of ice as it is very crucial for the health of the consumers.
The water used for the making of the ice should be pure and properly chlorinated. The molds and the tank used to manufacture the ice should be clean and free of rust. Similarly the pure foodstuff should be used in the making of ice-creams and hygienic conditions should be maintained in the ice cream manufacturing factories.  

How to Control Obesity and Alzehimer’s Risks by Blue Berries

The delicious blue berries are very beneficial for health. They contain rich amounts of antioxidants and help to control high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. If taken regularly it also saves from the deadly cancer. 
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Corwinhee

The recent researches prove that the regular intake of blueberries can control the harmful effects of Alzheimer's disease. It is due to the presence of healthy antioxidants in them. So it has become very effective in the treatment of Alzheimer's.  

The research was divided into two groups. The first consisted of 47 people above the age group of 68 years with little symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. This group was further divided into two categories; the one was given the blueberry powder, while the other was subjected to plesbo powder. A drastic improvement was found in the former as compared to the latter.

The second group consisted of 92 participants in the age group of 68 to 80 years. The group was further divided into 4 categories; who were given blueberry powder, fish oil, plesbo powder and nothing. There was no significant improvement with blueberry powder. This proved that blueberry powder is effective in the beginning of the Alzheimer's disease.

The regular intake of blue berries helps saves from several diseases including obesity.

When taken regularly in obesity, it reduces the fats around the belly. It has little amounts of calories and the fiber contents in it controls the weight.

It has been proved in several researches that blueberries reduce the levels of blood sugar.

It reduces the risks of cancer and heart diseases.