Saturday, 5 September 2015

Guava Increases the Appetite

Guava is a fruit full of several health benefits. It contains proteins, fats, calcium and vitamins. The vitamin C remains present on the peel and right below it which goes on decreasing towards the core. But this amount increases with the ripening of the fruit.
Guava at a fruit stall 
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Sakurai Midori

The intake of guava has following health benefits.

1. The intake of the mixture of 10 gram of guava juice with equal amount of sugar for 21 days in empty stomach increases the appetite and provides extra glow to the skin too.

2. The application of the paste of raw guava on head before sunrise gives relief in headache.

3. Prepare the paste of the leaves of guava and eat it with black salt to get relief in arthritis and joint pains.

4. The intake of the boiled extract of the soft leaves of guava with black pepper helps in fever.

5. In case of cold and flu go to the bed at night by filling the stomach by eating enough fruits of guava without taking water. By next sunrise there will be a drastic improvement.

6. In constipation, the intake of the intake of the salad of ripe guava with radish, mint and carrot for few days is very beneficial.
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