Thursday, 27 August 2015

The health Benefits of Mangoes

Mango is known as the king of the fruits and is the national fruit of India. It has more than 1000 species. This delicious fruit is full of several health benefits and number of nutrients. It is full of contains carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and B complex.
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The peel and kernel of mango is used in several medicines.

1. Prepare the the paste of the powder of mango kernel and harad or myrobalan in milk, and apply it on forehead in case of headache.

2. The intake of the mixture of 250 gram of mango juice, 10 gram ginger juice, 250 gram milk helps in physical weakness and improves the memory.

3. The intake of mango juice with milk gives energy and improves digestion.

4. Extract the juice of few leaves of mango and put in ear to get relief in ear sores.
5. The powder of mango kernel is given to the children with water at least 2-3 times a day to 
stop their habit of soil eating. This remedy also kills the worms in stomach.

6. Bake the ripe mango and allow it to cool. Suck it to get relief from cough.

7. Keep the soft leaves of mango soaked in water overnight. Boil the leaves in the morning 
and take the juice to get relief in diabetes.

8. Drinking warm milk after eating the mango helps in constipation and proper movement of the bowels.

9. Use the dry powder of mango kernel as a tooth powder in case of tooth diseases.

10. The juice of raw mando gives relief in sunstroke and sunburn.

11. Eating raw mango with little salt and pepper helps in high blood pressure and dehydration.

12. Prepare the paste of the bark of mango tree by rubbing it on stone and apply it on pimples and abscesses.

13. The application of the paste prepared from the powder of raw mangoes gives relief on burns and poisonous bites of Scorpio or lizard.

14. The powder of mango kernel should be sprinkled inside the nose during bleeding to stop the coming out of the blood.

15. Washing the wounds with the bark extract of mango helps in speedy healing.

16. Inhaling the smoke of the burnt mango leaves helps in sore throat and other diseases of the throat. 

17. Eating of mangoes increases the immune system of the body.
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