Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Health Benefits of Honey and Dalchini or Cinnamon

Canamon is known as the king of spices and it helps in natural cure of several ailments and diseases. The addition of honey in cinnamon makes the concoction more effective. 
In traditional remedies, it helps in cancer, obesity, cough, cold and heart and stomach diseases without any side effects. Some of the benefits of cinnamon are listed as under.
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Heart Diseases
Cinnamon controls the heart diseases on one hand and keeps the heart healthy on the other. It stops the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries.
Take cinnamon powder with honey in warm water regularly. The powder and honey could be eaten with bread. Another option is to prepare the tea made from cinnamon to reduce the risk of heart attack.
The use of cinnamon helps to control the spread of cancer cells in the body. The researches have proved that cinnamon is beneficial in stomach or peptic ulcers and in the growth of bones.
Take cinnamon powder with honey for a month with warm water to boost the immune system against the cancer cells and other diseases.
Cough and Cold
The cinnamon gives relief in cough, cold and throat problems. Lick a pinch of the powder of cinnamon with honey for cough. It could also be taken with warm water and honey. Foe additional benefits all little black pepper powder to it for relief in old and perpetual black cough.
Stomach Diseases
The powder of cinnamon gives relief in indigestion, stomach ache, gastric and acidity. It helps in diarrhea and vomiting too.

The mixture of cinnamon powder and honey completely removes the stomach ulcer.
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