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Home Remedies for Sore or Dry Throat

Several diseases occur due to sore throat. The problem of itching in throat or dry throat is also one of them. The people generally overlook the problem of dry throat thinking that it is a very minor problem.

Sore throat and ulcerated right tonsil
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by  Wellcome Images

The dry throat is a medical problem in which the itching and roughness appears in the throat. The person feels like putting the fingers inside the throat to scratch the itching. The same inflammation occurs even in the lower part of the tongue.

In such a situation there is a loss of taste and every relishing food appears to become tasteless. Every person may become afflicted with the problem.

Do not take the soreness of the throat lightly and suppose it to be occurring due to the changing seasons or hot and cold weather.

The sore throat could be due to the infection of the throat or tonsillitis. The soreness in the throat due to the change in the season is very common. The prickly thorn like sensation occurs in the throat together with a problem to speak and swallow. It happens due to the infection of the bacteria or the virus.

The throat infection gets cured itself, but in certain cases the treatment becomes necessary. 

Medical Reasons
Generally the people take the throat problem lightly and neglect it for a long time. But sometimes the simple problem could become grave and give rise to serious diseases.

The itching in the throat may be due to infection which causes hoarse voice, cough, fever, headache, tiredness and pain in the throat especially while swallowing anything.

Our throat has two tonsils situated on both sides of the throat. They stop the germs and bacteria from entering inside the throat. But sometimes these tonsils themselves get infected and lead to tonsillitis. In such a situation the color of the tonsils become a little or or pink and red. Sometimes white spots appear on the tonsils.

The infection of tonsillitis gets cured by antibiotics, but the situation becomes more serious when the infection occurs due to streptococcus hemolyticus bacteria. In such circumstances the infection spreads to the heart and kidneys and causes serious diseases. 

But it is not always necessary to rush to the physician to get the medicines for the treatment of the problem. Some home remedies are very effective in such situations. But don’t hesitate to rush for the medical aid in case the blood comes out of the throat or any serious problem occurs.
Other Reasons
1. The throat infection occurs generally due to virus and bacteria, but sometimes the reason is the fungal infection. The allergy to certain foods and the adverse effects of some drinks and medicines also causes throat infection. 
2. The throat infection may also be a genetic problem.
3. The eating habits like the intake of cold, fried, sour and preserves foods, the unclean teeth also increase the risks of throat infection.  
4. Sometimes the problem occurs due to smoking or allergy.

Home Remedies
Here are few home remedies for the problem.

1. Honey
Make the use of honey in case of throat inflammation. Take a teaspoon of honey, but do not take water for at least half an hour after taking honey. The soothing properties of honey give instant relief.

2. Herbal Tea
It gives instant relief to the throat and may remove the problem altogether without any side effects. Take the herbal tea at least 2-3 times a day.

3. Sugar Elixir
It is a type of drink which changes the taste of the mouth and removes the dryness by keeping the throat wet. The lemon or orange juice could also ve take in place of sugar elixir. Drinking enough water also keeps the throat hydrated.

4. Soups
The intake of hot soup also wettens the throat. It is during the problem of sore throat that the throat becomes dehydrant and the liquid intake is necessary in such a situation. The hot soups will sooth the throat on one hand and on the other the water will hydrate it further.

5. Don't let the Mouth Remain Dry
It becomes difficult to eat anything during sore throat. It is better to chew green cardamom or the tablets strepsils or vicks. It will maintain the saliva in the mouth which in turn keeps the throat wet.

6. Basil, Clove and Black Pepper
The tea made from black pepper, basil and cloves gives relief in throat inflammation. Take this herbal tea 2-3 times a day to get relief.

7. Salt and Water
Put some salt in warm water and gurgle 3-4 times a day. This is the most effective and the common remedy for sore throat.

8. Potash Alum
Put a small piece of potash alum in a glass of water and gurgle twice a day to get relief from the inflammation of sore throat.

Other Remedies
1. Gurgle with Lukewarm water into which rock salt has been added.
2. The tea of ginger, black pepper and green cardamom gives relief from pain, due to the antibacterial effect of tea.
3. Avoid smoking and the use of spices and chilies. Take care of the food you eat.

4. Avoid the chilled or cold water of the refrigerator. Abstain from cold edible things as prevention is better than cure.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Problem of Shrunk Lungs

The problem of shrunk or compressed lungs is very common in India and other third world countries. Generally it has been found that after the removal of pus from the chest through the tube or syringe during lung infection, the lung fails to get fully inflated or expanded. 
Front view showing the relations of lungs to the chest wall.
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Henry Vandyke Carter

Several young people after getting chest injuries during accidents find that their lungs fail to expand fully.

Some people have to live for years with the tube being constantly thrust into the chest. They have compromised with the situation that they would never get rid of the tube and the pus oozing out of it.

Why the Lung Shrinks
The ling fails to get fully expanded when it gets damaged due to chest infection or is unable to get back to its original state.

Another reason for choked expansion of lung is that the respiratory tubes carrying air into the lungs have been blocked. The respiratory tube gets blocked as the tumor or blood clot or phlegm might have got trapped inside it.

The third reason for the impaired lung expansion is the previous history of incomplete treatment of chest infection. As a result the pus gets secreted inside the chest. The lung gets compressed and fails to expand fully, if this pus had not been completely removed.

The Diseases Caused when Lung Fails to Expand Fully
The chief reason of compressed lung is the infection of tuberculosis, which destroys the natural structure of the lung on one hand and the pale colored pus present in the chest compresses the lungs from outside. 

Cancer and Lung Shrinking
Certain lung cancers do not permit the lung to expand fully and the functioning of the lungs gets completely affected by it.

Among these tumors the first is the tumor on the membrane covering the lungs. It is known as mesothelioma which occurs among those coming in contact of minerals. This tumor grips the lung from all sides.

How to Cope with Alzheimer’s disease at Home

The chemical hormone released during stress becomes the reason for Alzheimer’s disease or the loss of memory. Several organs become weak with old age, but in Alzheimer’s disease the functions of the mind become less and the memory may disappear altogether. It is the disease of the mind.
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Jim Clark

The higher levels of the chemical hormone released in stress remaining as such for longer duration destroy the neuron cells which help in memory functions.

Sleeping Posture
The recent researches reveal that side sleeping reduces the risks of Alzheimer’s disease. The flat sleeping posture or sleeping on backside down or up, increases the risks of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson's  The harmful chemicals get properly flushed out from the brain in side sleeping. The disturbed sleep or on getting disturbed during sleeping increases the risks of loss of memory. The sleeping posture also plays an important role.

Copper in Diet
The amount of copper in diet also increases the risks of Alzheimer’s disease. The increased level of copper in blood than the optimum levels is responsible for the problem. The presence of copper affects the beta amyloid in the brain and causes the Alzheimer’s disease. The amount of copper is fixed for each age group. The liver is not capable to digest the increased levels of copper and the increased amount of copper goes into the blood and reaches the brain. The copper binding protein present in the brain is known as beta amyloid. This protein starts getting accumulating in the brain and the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease appear and the patient starts forgetting everything.

Food reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s disease
Certain foods reduce the risks of the disease due to the presence of several healthy contents in them.

It contains rich amounts of antioxidants which saves the cells from the damages caused by the free radicals. It also maintains the balance between the cells of the body and age of the person.
It is full of lycopene which saves the cells from the several damages and reduces the risks of Alzheimer’s disease.

Eggs contain vitamin B 12 and and colognee, which form the cells of the brain and help to increase the memory.

The nutrients and vitamins in broccoli increase the memory and neutralize the effects of excess copper in the blood.


The amino acid present in curd reduces the stress. It is the stress that causes the premature ageing of cells including the memory cells and neurons.

The health Benefits of Mangoes

Mango is known as the king of the fruits and is the national fruit of India. It has more than 1000 species. This delicious fruit is full of several health benefits and number of nutrients. It is full of contains carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and B complex.
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Havagut

The peel and kernel of mango is used in several medicines.

1. Prepare the the paste of the powder of mango kernel and harad or myrobalan in milk, and apply it on forehead in case of headache.

2. The intake of the mixture of 250 gram of mango juice, 10 gram ginger juice, 250 gram milk helps in physical weakness and improves the memory.

3. The intake of mango juice with milk gives energy and improves digestion.

4. Extract the juice of few leaves of mango and put in ear to get relief in ear sores.
5. The powder of mango kernel is given to the children with water at least 2-3 times a day to 
stop their habit of soil eating. This remedy also kills the worms in stomach.

6. Bake the ripe mango and allow it to cool. Suck it to get relief from cough.

7. Keep the soft leaves of mango soaked in water overnight. Boil the leaves in the morning 
and take the juice to get relief in diabetes.

8. Drinking warm milk after eating the mango helps in constipation and proper movement of the bowels.

9. Use the dry powder of mango kernel as a tooth powder in case of tooth diseases.

10. The juice of raw mando gives relief in sunstroke and sunburn.

11. Eating raw mango with little salt and pepper helps in high blood pressure and dehydration.

12. Prepare the paste of the bark of mango tree by rubbing it on stone and apply it on pimples and abscesses.

13. The application of the paste prepared from the powder of raw mangoes gives relief on burns and poisonous bites of Scorpio or lizard.

14. The powder of mango kernel should be sprinkled inside the nose during bleeding to stop the coming out of the blood.

15. Washing the wounds with the bark extract of mango helps in speedy healing.

16. Inhaling the smoke of the burnt mango leaves helps in sore throat and other diseases of the throat. 

17. Eating of mangoes increases the immune system of the body.

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The Health Benefits of Honey and Dalchini or Cinnamon

Canamon is known as the king of spices and it helps in natural cure of several ailments and diseases. The addition of honey in cinnamon makes the concoction more effective. 
In traditional remedies, it helps in cancer, obesity, cough, cold and heart and stomach diseases without any side effects. Some of the benefits of cinnamon are listed as under.
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Ruffiana

Heart Diseases
Cinnamon controls the heart diseases on one hand and keeps the heart healthy on the other. It stops the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries.
Take cinnamon powder with honey in warm water regularly. The powder and honey could be eaten with bread. Another option is to prepare the tea made from cinnamon to reduce the risk of heart attack.
The use of cinnamon helps to control the spread of cancer cells in the body. The researches have proved that cinnamon is beneficial in stomach or peptic ulcers and in the growth of bones.
Take cinnamon powder with honey for a month with warm water to boost the immune system against the cancer cells and other diseases.
Cough and Cold
The cinnamon gives relief in cough, cold and throat problems. Lick a pinch of the powder of cinnamon with honey for cough. It could also be taken with warm water and honey. Foe additional benefits all little black pepper powder to it for relief in old and perpetual black cough.
Stomach Diseases
The powder of cinnamon gives relief in indigestion, stomach ache, gastric and acidity. It helps in diarrhea and vomiting too.

The mixture of cinnamon powder and honey completely removes the stomach ulcer.

Avoid Eating Out in Rainy Season

Kullu Valley in Rainy Season 
The cool showers of monsoon rains provide relief after the scorching heat of summer. But the rainy season comes with several diseases which are caused by eating the spicy and junk food out of home. 

The food items and water used in these products are generally polluted which easily cause water borne diseases.

The digestive system becomes sensitive in this season and fails to properly digest the food.

Raw Salad
Keep distance from green leafy vegetables and salad in this season. These contain several germs and bacteris which could not be seen with naked eyes. Including these things in food upsets the digestive system and causes infection in stomach.
Fruit Juice
It is a healthy habit to take the fruit juice daily. But in rainy season the fruits and vegetables soon get decayed or rotten. But the sellers do not throw them away and sell them by extracting their juice. Such products weaken the the immune system and cause several diseases. Never eat already cut fruits and avoid using such vegetables.
Chinese Food   

The noodels available at roadside stalls are boiled in dirty water and the azinomoto, sauce and oil mixed in Chinese foods can cause several health problems. 

How to Increase Immunity in Rainy Season

Sevaral disease causing germs and bacteria enter the body during the rainy season and sometimes it becomes very difficult to get rid of the diseases of the season.
It is in this season that the body completely loses the immunity and it becomes difficult to fight with the diseases. The problem of infections tooo increases.
The diseases like infection, allergy, cold and cough are very common in rainy season. The body becomes weak due to infections and several diseases take hold of the body. The first symptom is headache.
Here are some home remedies to increase the immune system of the body in rainy season.
1. Take heathy and nutritious foods to keep the body strong and healthy.
2. The herbal tea gives energy and saves from several diseases.
3. Take 7 to 8 hours sleep.
4. Perform Yoga to keep the body freee from stress. Avoid stress as it badly affects the immune system.
5. Use ginger ald garlic as they save the body from pain and stop the feeling of nausea.

6. Take the juice of carrot with ginger, lemon and 2-3 cloves of garlic.