Monday, 1 June 2015

The Snake Cucumber for Wrinkles and a Stones

The Snake Cucumber
Along with cucumber, watermelon and muskmelon, the snake melon or Armenian Cucumber or popularly known as Kakri in India is the best fruit in summer. It resembles cucumber in taste and internal texture, but has a different shape and has no bitter taste. It is long and slender like a thin bottle gourd or snake gourd but is quite different from it.  It is also known as snake cucumber or yard long cucumber and is most flavored and tasty when it is about one foot feet long even if it grows about 3 feet in length.  

It has plenty of fiber, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and silicon. The raw snake melon is a rich source of iodine. Besides being a healthy food it fights against several diseases. But in winter it is supposed to cause several diseases.
Its demand increases in summer as it reduces the effects of heat of the summer. It is full of several alkalies and water.
It is full of vitamins and sufficiently fulfills the daily need of vitamins in body. These vitamins strengthen the immune system of the body.
All the spas in the world use snake cucumber in their treatments.
It is better not to drink water after the intake of kakri.

The snake cucumber contains more water than cucumber. It maintains the water levels of the body in severe heat of the summer. The regular intake of it in summer saves from dehydration.

Weight Loss
The Armenian Cucumber is also taken for weight loss. It is very beneficial if you feel great hunger and your weight is increasing day by day. It has enough water and fiber, but has no calories. That is why it is the best option for weight loss.

Diabetes and Cholesterol
The intake of snake melon maintains the levels of cholesterol and diabetes. It controls the levels of insulin. It also contains sterol which controls the levels of cholesterol. 

The Armenian Cucumber is the best salad which helps in strengthening the digestive system. The regular intake of it helps in several stomach disorders. It removes the disorders of bile and helps in gastric, acidity, chest inflammation, constipation etc.

Sunburn and Wrinkles
In addition to eating, the rubbing of snake melon on face saves from the diseases caused by the harmful rays of sunlight. It also reduces the fine lines or facial wrinkles

Removes Toxins and Stones
The presence of water in snake melon neutralizes and removes the toxic substances from the body.

The regular intake of it gives relief in the problem of stones. 

Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Flickr user _e.t
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