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How to Improve the Memory

The main anatomical plans and axes of the sections of the brain
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The situation becomes awkward when we forget the name of a person who had been our close associate or neighbor or an old friend. Several such embarrassing situations appear in life due to the weak memory. We often forget where the keys, specks or other things are placed and waste a lot of time looking for them. Sometimes on reaching the market, we forget what we have to purchase. These developments are natural.

Our memory is at its best at the age of 20-30 years and gradually deteriorates with the passage of time. The mind works on a principal of “either use it or lose it”. In other words it means out of sight out of mind. It means that the mind remains active and its working capacity increases when it is used.

It is a reality that our knowledge increases with age and we better understand the way to use it for the beneficial purposes. But it is the memory that parts company.

Mental Exercises
There are several enjoyable exercises which could be included in daily life like solving the word puzzles and mind boggling riddles.
The physical exercises like brisk walking, Yoga, meditation etc., control the activities of the brain.


There are certain exercises that make the brain fit and active.
1. Simultaneously use two senses in free time. As an example enjoy the scent of some flower while listening to music.
2. Identify the food placed in the plate by touching and smelling it, and imagine its taste.
3. Take a shower by closing the eyes and get ready for the work thereafter.
4. Use new innovative and novel methods to complete the tasks at hand.
5. Try to remember the phone numbers instead of saving them in the mobile.
6. Use different hand to brush the teeth, instead of doing it with the same hand.
7. While dressing up or getting ready, use different hand than the one often used.
8. Comb the hair with another hand.
9. Prepare the dish of another province or country.

10. Try to acquire new knowledge and information throughout the life.

Walking 6 Miles a Week Boosts the Brain

The healthy people who walk at least 6 miles a week have bigger brains, better memories and improved mental functions as compared to others.

Among older people showing the signs of forgetfulness, walking even five miles a week- a daily 20 minute trip to the workplace or for shopping slowed the progression of their condition.

The finding suggested that walking is the best way of preserving both mental and physical health in old age. It is an ideal form of maintaining physical fitness and warding off heart disease. Now the scientists have found that it can maintain mental fitness and ward off Alzheimer’s disease as well.
A ten year study of more than 400 elderly people found that a greater amount of physical activity was associated with greater brain volume.

Dr. Cyrus Rajji of the Department of Radiology, Pittsburgh University, who led the study, said that the volume is the vital sign for the health of the brain. The decrease in size means that the brain cells are dying and the higher volume signifies the healthy brain. They found that walking 5b miles a week protects the brain structure over 10 years in people with Alzheimer’s and mild cognitive impairment.

Healthy adults needed to walk at least 6 miles a week to maintain brain volume and reduce their risk of mental decline. 
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