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Herbal Tea and other Home Remedies for Swine Flu

                                                              Main symptoms of swine flu
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Swine influenza is also called swine flu as it is caused by influenza virus which emanates from the respiratory system of pigs. It spreads from person to person and could become an epidemic.

The virus enters the respiratory system and blocks the air passages.
Do not get panicked with swine flu and dispel all misconceptions about it. It is not a new disease, but is similar to the common flu caused by H1N1 virus. There are innumerable viruses in environment which could not be completely destroyed. But there are the ways to remain at a safe distance from them.

Not all but any of the following remedies will help in swine flu.


The continuous fever, cough, itching or pain in throat, running nose, tiredness, phlegm, diarrhea, difficulty to swallow anything, body pain, weakness and loss of appetite, sneezing, difficulty in breathing, nausea and vomiting are some of the symptoms of swine flu.

What to Do

1. It is better to take sufficient sleep, remain in well aerated place, take enough sunlight and eat pure and vegetarian food in moderate amount in flu.
2. Take boiled water, remain away from crowds, abstain from going near pigsty and avoid close contact with those having flu. 
3. Don’t try to stop sneeze, cough and vomit.
4. Cover the mouth or nose while sneezing or coughing.
5. Remain at least three feet away from the afflicted person. 
6. Always remain active and avoid stress.
7. Take nutritious diet. 

What Not to Do

1. Do not shake hands with suspected person and avoid embracing him.
2. Do not take any medicines without consulting the physician.
3. Do not spit in the open.

Herbal Tea

The herbal tea could be beneficial in avoiding the swine flu. This tea could be easily prepared at home. 

1. The herbal tea is prepared by making the powder by taking equal quantities of cloves, green cardamom, black cardamom, dry ginger, cinnamon powder, giloy or tinospora cordifolia, basil and black pepper. Add 2 gram of the powder in a cup of tea and drink it twice a day to increase the immune system of the body and to fight against the virus of swine flu. This tea could be taken in routine.

2. Put green or black cardamom and camphor in a small cotton cloth and take its incense regularly to avoid all types of flu like cold, flu, headache, fever and including the swine flu too. 

3. The intake of the hot extract of gentiana chirayita or clearing nut tree or bitter stick, anantmool or hemidesmus Indicus, dry ginger, turmeric, kalmegh or Andrographis paniculata, vasa or Adhatoda vasica and basil also helps in swine flu.

4. The steam of eucalyptus oil or nilgiri oil also helps in swine flu.

Other Remedies

1. Chew few basil leaves daily as it cleans the throat and lungs and increase the immune system.

2. Giloy or tinospora cordifolia is a very common herb and is found almost everywhere. Take about a feet long branch of giloy and add 5-6 leaves of basil in it and boil for 15-20 minutes till the contents get dissolved in water. Add bleck salt and black pepper to it according to taste and take it in Luke warm form.It is very effective to increase the immunity. The giloy powder is also available in the market as a substitute of fresh giloy.

3. A piece of camphor taken with water every month also helps in swine flu. It should not be taken on day to day basis.It could be given to children with potato or banana.

4. The intake of 2-3 fruits of garlic in the morning is the best and the easiest way to increase the immunity.

5. Those not allergic to milk can take it with a pinch of turmeric at night before going to bed. It boosts the immunity against swine flu.

6. Aloe vera or gawarpatha, the cactus like plant has a gel inside its leaves. The intake of a teaspoon of this gel with water boosts the immune system, makes the skin glowing and gives relief in joint pains.

7. The neem or Indian Lilac has the power to clean the air and is best for air born diseases including the swine flu too.about 3-5 leaves of Indian lilac or neem could be chewed daily to clean the blood.
8. To clean the lungs and throat, it would be better to perform the yogic pranayama or life force or air extension daily as it is related the passage of air in nose, throat and lungs.

9. The citrus fruits and vitamin C in them should also be taken. The best option is Indian gooseberry, orange and lemon.

10. Wash the hands again and again for about 15-20 seconds with soap especially before eating anything or if you consider that a particular person or object touched by you might be containing the virus of swine flu. The common hidden places of flu are the door handles, bus or train seats and arm rests, buttons of lifts and the railings of stairs etc.

11. Take fresh and warm food to keep the digestive system in proper shape.

12. Take sufficient amount of vegetable soup, lemon juice, musammi or Citrus limetta
or sweet lemon juice, water and turmeric milk.

13. Add black pepper, camphor, and cane sufar to buttermilk of cow and take it twice a day.

14. Avoid stress and remain cheerful as it will give internal energy to fight with the disease or swine flu.
15. The intake of hot extract taken from Mulathi, black pepper, basil and neem should be taken daily to get rid of swine flue as it increases the immune system.

16. The patient afflicted with swine flue could be given a mixture of camphor, black or white cardamom or ilachai to be tied in a piece of cloth and inhaled now and then.

17. The excessive use of turmeric also boosts the immune system to fight against the swine flu.

18. Boil 3gm each of neem or Indian Lilac powder, giloy or tinospora cordifolia and chirata or clearing nut tree or bitter stick in 100 ml of water with black pepper and dry ginger, till the contents are reduced to 60 ml. take this extract for a week in the mornings before breakfast to give enough strength to the immune system to fight against swine flu. 


1. The children, pregnant women, old people and the patients of asthma are the soft targets and their affliction with disease id dangerous.

2. Go to the nearest medical care center in case any of the above symptom appear. 

3. The advance treatment of swine flue could be dangerous and fatal leading to death. The advance treatment increases the resistance of virus against medication and the sisease could reach at dangerous levels and it may become an epidemic. In such cases there is little or no remedy. The better option is to take medicines under medical supervision. The medicines could be taken only if the test reports are positive.
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