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Several Health Benefits of Kalonji or Nigella Stevia

Nigella Steiva is known by several names like fennel flower, nutmeg flower and Roman coriander. In India it is called kalonji in Hindi, but other names like black cumin, black onion seed and black sesame are misnomers. 
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It is also called thymoquinone which is the principal extract of the seeds. Other names of Nigella sativa are black seed and black caraway which also refer to Bunium persicum.

Food Flavoring
Kalonji is used in the form of vegetable and its seed is a very useful spice. The seeds were extensively used to flavor food in ancient times as it has a pungent smell and a bitter taste like the combined mixture of onion, black pepper, oregano and garlic. Its dry-roasted seeds flavor curries, vegetables, salads, chicken, eggs, bakery, cake, naan breads and pulses like a black pepper. It helps to check the allergic reaction to foods as is seen in some people. The seeds of kalonji remain as such even after 7 to 8 years.
In Middle East it is also used in string cheese or braided string cheese with other spices.

Health Benefits of Kalongi
It helps in diabetes, increases the memory, alleviates headache, helps in joint pains, improves the eyesight, saves from cancer, controls blood pressure and regulates the levels of cholesterol. Kalongi helps to remove cough and phlegm, helps in respiratory diseases, cleans the arteries and removes the toxic substances from the body. 
Kalonji oil and Kalonji extract are used in traditional medicines.

How to Prepare the Kalonji Oil
Grind about 100 gram o Kalonji seeds and boil it in 5 liter of water till the water is reduced to half in volume. Let it cool and the oil wil start floating on the surface of the water. Remove the oil by wiping the oil with the palm of the hand and collect it in a glass bowl. Store it in a glass container. 

How to prepare the extract of kalonji
The extract could be prepared by soaking the seeds of kalonji in water for a day and then boiling the mixture on medium heat. 
How to take the seeds of nigells or kalongi
The seeds of nigella or kalonji or wild onion seeds could be directly eaten. Boil the seeds in water and take the extract on cooling or grind the dry seed and take with milk or water or the powder of seeds could also be sprinkled on bread, cheese and pastries like black pepper. A tablespoon of the the powder of seeds could be directly eaten with honey.
Boil few leaves of mint in a cup of water and add a tablespoon of the oil of nigella seds with a glass of water in which before going to bed at night for a month in anemia. Avoid the intake of sour things during the remedy.
Arthritis and Joint Pains
The intake of the boiled extract of nigella seeds and the leaves of soap-nuts gives relief in the pains of arthritis.  Prepare the mixture of a tablespoon of vinegar, half tablespoon of nigella oil and two tablespoons of honey and take it in empty stomach in the morning and at night before going to bed gives relief in joint pains.
Asthma, Cough and Allergy
Take tablespoon of kalonji oil with a cup of warm water in which a tablespoon of honey has been added early in the morning before breakfast and after dinner at night for two months to get relief in asthma, cough and allergy. Prepare food in kalonji oil in case of cough and throat problems of all types. The intake of the extract prepared by boiling the seeds of nigells in water also gives relief in asthma.
Beri beri disease
The application of the paste of nigella seeds alleviates the swelling of face and hands in beri beri disease.
It contains antioxidants and saves from several types of cancer. Take a large spoon of kalonji oil and give it to the patient of cancer with grape juice thrice a day along with regular medicines.
Add half a tablespoon of nigella seed oil in a glass of grape juice and take thrice a day to boost the immune system in cancer of intestines, blood cancer and throat cancer. Besides it is better to give the brad prepared by mixing the flour of barley and wheat in ratio 1:2. Avoid the intake of potatoes, brinjal and taro root.

Cold and Flu
Heat few seeds of kalonji, wrap them in a piece of cloth and smell them to get relief in cold and cold related headache.  Prepare the paste of kalonji with cumin seeds and apply on forehead to get relief from headache in winter.  Putting few drops of the mixture of nigella oil and olive oil into nostrils gives relief in cold and flu. For the purpose boil half a tablespoon each of olive and nigella seed oil in half a cup of water till the oil is left behind. Filter the extract and put few drops into nostrils to get rid of old cold and flu. 

Cysts and knots
The application of the oil of nigella seeds on cysts and the intake of a tablespoon of nigella oil with milk dissolves the cysts and knots on the body.
Dog Bite
Grind few seeds of kalonji and take it with water before rushing to medical help after dog bite. 

It is helpful in type-2 diabetes. Put half tablespoon of kalonji oil in a cup of tea and take before breakfast and at night before going to bed. Repeat the remedy for a fortnight along with regular medicines for diabetes and then check the level of diabetes. If it has normalized stop the use of medicines and continue with the remedy. The regular intake of 2-3 grams of kalonji reduces the increased levels of glucose, decreases the insulin resistance/ glycocelated hemoglobin, and boosts the working of beta cells. Avoid taking oily foods. 
Ear- swelling and deafness
Put few drops of the oil of nigella seeds in ear to get relief in swelling and deafness.
According to recent researches the intake of the extract of nigella seeds helps in chronic seizures or epilepsy. Mix half a tablespoon of the oil of nigella seeds with 2-3 teaspoons of honey in a cup of warm water thrice a day to get relief in the fits of epilepsy. The patients of epilepsy should avoid the use of guava, banana and sugar apple or annona squamosa or sitaphal.  
Eye problems and dark circles
Take a tablespoon of kalonji oil with a cup of carrot juice and two tablespoons of honey twice in the morning and once before going to bed at night for two months to gt relief in several eye problems like redness in eyes, cataract, eye sores, excess watering of eyes, weak eye nerves. Save the eyes from sunlight during the treatment. 
The intake of a glass of carrot juice with half a tablespoon of nigella seed oil and two tablespoons of honey twice a day to get relief from redness in the eyes, cataract, eye watering, reduced eyesight, vision and other eye diseases. The application of the oil of nigella seeds around the eyes and eyelids before going to bed at night helps in several eye diseases and removes dark circles. The persons suffering from eye problems should avoid the intake of eggs, pickles and fish,
Fever and Malaria
Take kalonji powder with brown sugar to get relief in malaria or in fever that comes down with medicines but again shoots up after some time. The intake of half a tablespoon of the powder of nigella seeds with a tablespoon of honey gives relief in fever and malaria.

Head ache
Massage the oil of nigella seeds on forehead and the intake of half a tablespoon of the oil with a tablespoon of honey twice a day helps in headache. The massage of the mixture of olive oil and nigella oil on head gives relief in Headache. 
Heat and grind the seeds of nigella, wrap them in a piece of cloth and inhale for headache.
Grind equal amounts of nigella seeds and cumin in water and apply the paste on forehead for headache.
Heart Diseases
Always add a tablespoon of kalonji oil whenever taking anything hot like tea or soup to get relief in heart diseases, blood pressure and to remove the blockage of the arteries of heart. Take half a tablespoon of kalonji oil with a cup of milk twice a day for a fortnight to strengthen the heart. Avoid eating greasy and oily foods.

Add half a tablespoon of nigella seed oil with 3-4 tablespoons of the juice of bitter gourd and take it in empty stomach in the morning and at night before going to bed to get relief in hernia.

Take a little powder of kalonji with honey to get relief in hiccups. Licking the powder of nigella seeds with honey stops hiccups or it could be taken with butter milk or butter or curd.

High Blood pressure
The intake of 100-200 mg of the extract of nigells seeds twice a day reduces the blood pressure among the patients of hypertension. The intake of half a tablespoon of the oil of nigella seeds with warm water maintains the levels of blood pressure. Massage the mixture of the oil of nigells seeds with olive oil on body and stay in sunlight for some time to get relief in blood pressure. Repeat the remedy for a month after every 3 days.

Itching and inflammation
Grind 50 gram nigella seeds, add a tablespoon of the juice of leaves of stone apple or aegle mermelos and prepare a paste with a tablespoon of turmeric powder. Apply the paste on affected area regularly for a week or so.
Add half a tablespoon of nigella seed oil in a cup of milk and take it in empty stomach in the morning and at night before going to bed in jaundice. The patient of jaundice should avoid bitter and spicy foods. In traditional medicines the intake of half a tablespoon of nigella oil with a tablespoon of honey is given in empty stomach in the morning or at bed time with halfa cup of water to get relief in jaundice.
Kidney Stones
Kalonji is very effective in removal of kidney stones. The intake of the powder of kalonji with honey for a fortnight helps to reduce the kidney stones.

Boil the leaves of mint in 100 ml of water and add a tablespoon of kalonji powder in it to increase the memory. The intake of half a tablespoon of ground seeds of nigella with honey twice a day to boost the memory.

Nausea and vomiting
The intake of half a tablespoon of nigella seed oil with a tablespoon of ginger juice helps in nausea and vomiting.

Obesity and Excessive Hunger or increased appetite
Keep 50 gram nigella seeds soaked in vinegar overnight, grind the contents and take half a tablespoon of it for few days to reduce the increased desire of eating.

Overall Health
Take a large spoon of kalonji oil with equal amount of honey for overall health and to avoid all types of illness.  

Massage the warm oil of kalonji on the areas having pain and take a large tablespoon of it thrice a day to get relief. 

The massage of the oil of nigella seeds on affected parts of the body and the intake of a half of a tablespoon of the oil with a cup of milk for few months is very effective in paralysis.

The application of the ash of the seeds of kalonji on affected areas helps in piles. 

Save Woolen Clothes by Kalonji
Put few seeds of kalonji with woolen clothes to save them from being eaten up by insects.

Sleep ejaculation and Impotency
The intake of half a tablespoon of the oil of nigella seeds with apple juice twice a day helps in sleep ejaculation. The massage of few drops of nigella oil and coconut oil on head reduces stress and checks the problem of sleep ejaculation. Avoid the intake of lemon during the remedy.
The intake of the oil of nigella with olive oil helps in impotency.
In case of loss of sleep, take half a tablespoon of nigella seeds oil with a tablespoon of honey before going to bed at night. 
Put the crushed seeds of nigella with black gram in a piece of cloth and inhale the contents to stop the sneezing.
Take a tablespoon of kalonji oil in a cup of tea to get relief in stress.The intake of half a tablespoon of the oil of nigella seeds in a cup of warm water before going to bed at night also helps to alleviate the stress. 
The regular massage of kalonji oil removes the swelling of hands and feet.

Tooth ache
Apply the mixture of a drop each of nigella seed oil and clove oil on tooth to get relief from pain. Another remedy is to burn the black salt in fire, add few drops of nigella seed oil in it and apply of the tooth. It also cleans the teeth and removes yellow color of teeth.
Urine Inflammation
Take half a tablespoon of the oil of nigella seeds with 200-300 ml of milk to get relief in urine inflammation.
Take half a tablespoon of nigella oil with orange juice to get energy, relief from tiredness and vitality.
Skin Problem
It also helps in several skin disorders.The massage of the powder of nigella seeds with coconut oil on affected areas gives relief in several skin diseases.

Baldness and Hair loss
The regular application of the powder of kalongi with mustard oil on hair helps in baldness. In hair loss, apply the paste of kalonji seeds on entire head for few days to retard the process. Apply the mixture of the powder of the burnt seeds of nigells with hair oil on bald patches and massage for few minutes to get relief in alopecia. Boil 50 gm nigella seeds in 1 litre water and wash the hair with it to get long, healthy and shiny hair.

Prepare the paste of the seeds of kalonji in vinegar and apply it on warts at night and wash the face with water in the morning. It removes the warts and the paste gives relief in pimples too when kept applied for overnight for a month or so.

Grind the seeds of nigella in vinegar and aply the paste on pimples and rinse with cold water on drying. Repeat the remedy for few days to get rid of pimples.

Fair Complexion
Eat kalonji with olive oil twice a day to get fair complexion. The paste of kalonji and olive oil could be applied on the face to get rid of facial marks of pimples and to remove the black spots.

Several other benefits Of Nigella for women
Menstrual Cramps or pain
Take a pinch of the powder of nigella seeds twice a day to regulate the menstrual cycle and aleviate the pain associated with it. The powder could also be taken with little honey in menstrual cramps.
For irregular menstrual cycle take a pinch of the powder of nigella seeds twice a day.
Take half a tablespoon of nigella seed oil with warm water when the menstrual cycle stops but the pain still persists.  
The pregnant women should avoid the intake of nigella seesds as it may cause miscarriage.
Breast Shape
The intake of the oil of nigella seeds twice a day makes the breast supple strong and in good shape.
Breast milk
The intake of a pinch of the powder of nigella seeds twice a day increases the breast milk.
Swelling of face and feet
The application of the paste of nigella seeds alleviates the swelling of face and feet in women.
Pain of Childbirth
The intake of the warm extract of nigella seeds alleviated the pain during childbirth.

For Uterus
The intake of the extract of kalonji helps the pregnant women to give birth to the child which has died inside the uterus. The extract strengthens the uterus after the child birth too when taken for a week with butter. 

Stomach Related Problems
Stomach Pain
Squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and add 2 tablespoons of honey and half a tablespoon of the oil of nigella seeds and take ti twice a day.
Another remedy is to add a pinch of salt and half a tablespoon of nigella seed oil in a glass of Luke warm water.
On the other hand add half a tablespoon of nigella seed oil and 2 tablespoons of honey in a glass of orange juice and take twice a day to get relief from stomach pain.
Acidity, Gastric and swollen stomach
Take 50 gram kalonji, 25 gram cumin seeds and 25 gram parsley and prepare the powder of each separately after heating them for a while. Mix the contents. Now cook 1-2 spoons of baking soda, 1 tablespoon black salt, 2-3 gram aesfotida in butter oil. Mix all the contents and take 1 tablespoon daily with warm water before meals to get relief from gastric and swollen stomach. 
Take a tablespoon of equal amounts of the powder of nigella seeds, cumin seeds and carom or thyme seeds after taking meals to get relief in acidity and gastric.
Stomach Worms
Take a tablespoon of the powder of nigells seeds with 3 tablespoon of honey before going to sleep at night for few days kills the worms in the stomach.
The intake of half a tablespoon of the oil of nigella seeds with warm milk before going to bed at night gives relief in constipation.
Take the boiled soup of kalonji with black salt and black pepper to get relief in indigestion. 
Massage the affected area firs with apple vinegar and then with the oil of kalonji for a fortnight along with the regular medicines to get relief in leprosy and white spots on skin.

1. The oil of kalonji should not be used in pregnancy as it may lead to miscarriage.

2. The oil of kalonji should be taken in the morning before eating anything or at night before going to bed two hours after dinner. 

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The Prevalance of Osteoporosis

Shrinking of the bone in osteoporosis
Wikimedia Commons by BruceBlaus
The prevalence of the disease appears 10 to 20 years earlier in Indian males as compared to their western counterparts.Osteoporosis is the problem of loss in the strength of bones and decreased bone density which is caused due to ageing. In India, about 60% of the people above the age of 50 are suffering from osteoporosis. 
About 4 persons out of 10 and 6 persons out of 10 up to the age of 50 years and above 50 respectively come under the risk of the problem of osteoporosis.
The chances of the fracture of the bones of wrist, hip and spine increase among those suffering from osteoporosis. The women mostly suffer from hip fracture.
Osteoporosis is of two types. 
Bone density peaks at about 30 years of age.
Women lose bone mass more rapidly than men.
Wikimedia Commons by 
Anatomy & Physiology,
Connexions Web site
The first is primary osteoporosis which occurs due to the loss in the activity of genitals, as is found among the women after menopause. 
The other is secondary osteoporosis which is caused due to health disorders like hyper thyroid, genital disorders, kidney problems etc.

The body regulates calcium homeostasis 
with two pathways; one is signaled to turn 
on when blood calcium levels drop below 
normal and one is the pathway that is signaled 
to turn on when blood calcium levels are elevated.
          Wikimedia Commons by Anatomy
          & Physiology, Connexions Web site
The symptoms of osteoporosis do not appear until the bones become brittle and the fractures occur even due to mild shocks.
Hence 20th October is celebrated as the World Osteoporosis day to spread the awareness of the disease throughout the world.
The best option in osteoporosis is the Bone Mineral Density test. The treatment is multi pronged which includes weight tolerance exercises, abstinence from smoking and drinking, intake o calcium and phosphorus rich foods. The medicines include calcium and vitamin D, calistonin, bisphosphonates, hormone replacement therapy etc. as advised by the pediatrician.     

Several Health Benefits of Cabbage

The cabbage is an easily available vegetable and is used in every household. It comes in several colors and varieties. The red and green colored cabbage is very common. It could be eaten in cooked or raw form. It tastes slightly sweeter and is is commonly used in Chinese dishes. 

It is rich in vitamin, iron and potassium and it has several other benefits too. 

Wikimedia Commons by jonsson
1. Weight Loss
Taking cabbage in either in boiled or juice form helps in weight loss. It is advisable to ea cabbage with curd or with other vegetables in the form of salad helps in reducing the weight.  

2. Constipation
The intake of cabbage in constipation is very helpful. It is rich in fiber and helps the digestive system to get rid of the problem of constipation. It cleans the stomach and intesines of toxic substances. 

3. Cancer
The cabbage contains cancer fighting substances which reduce the chances of the occurrence of cancer. The substances like dindolymethane, cinigin, lupel, sulphron, indol and carbinol are present in cabbage which help in fighting against cancer. 

4. Safety of Eyes
The beta carotene in cabbage protect the eyes from several diseases and help in overall health of the eyes. 

5. Immunity Booster
Cabbage increases the immune system o the body. It is rich in vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and givers the power to fight with the diseases. 

6. Health of Skin
Cabbage is very effective to give extra glow to the skin and enhances the beauty. It is rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals which removes several skin problems and provide natural glow to the skin.It has rich mounts of antioxidants and phytochemicalswhich remove several skin problems and provide glow to the skin.
It helps to improve the complexion. It contains potassium and vitamins which impart freshness to the skin and make the skin fair soft and attractive. 

7. Swelling
The amino acid present in cabbage helps in all types of swellings. It gives instant relief in such cases. 

8. Anemia
Cabbage helps in anemia or the deficiency of blood. It contains folic acid which has the quality to remove the deficiency of blood in the body. The folic acid helps in the formation of new blood cells. 

9. Peptic Ulcers
Cabbage helps in the cure of peptic ulcer as it contains glut-amine. The patient if takes cabbage on regular basis will recover soon from the problem of peptic ulcer. 

10. Alzheimer's
Cabbage contains enough vitamins to help in Alzheimer's disease. 

11. Pyorrhea 
The regular intake of the leaves of cabbage helps in pyorrhea and stops the bleeding of the gums. 

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Fiber Rich Foods Control Weight and Diabetes

The increased body weight could be easily reduced by taking high fiber foods. The fiber strengthens the digestive system and helps in the digestion of the food we eat. The inclusion of the high fiber foods in regular diet saves us from several diseases.
Let us know about the foods containing fiber in rich amounts.
French toast of whole grain bread to increase fiber
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Len Rizzi

The daily diet containing 25 to 30 grams of fiber is called high fiber diet plan. The fibrous foods, whole grains, apple, banana, pear, strawberry, orange and green leafy vegetables contain rich amounts of fiber.

What is High Fiber Diet?

Fiber is of two types, the soluble fiber and the insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber easily gets digested in colon which is found in apple and oats. The insoluble fiber does not get dissolved in water and gets digested in big intestine.

Salad is the best option for high fiber food. The raw vegetables and fruits used in salad contain antioxidants, natural enzymes and fiber which regulate and control the weight of the body.

The sour or citrus fruits are the rich sources of calcium, mineral and fiber which are very necessary for the overall growth and development of the body. The pectin present in lemon dissolves the fats of the body and slows down the digestive system so that the person does not feel hungry after eating anything as it happens in obesity.

The whole grains, wheat flour, flour husk, rice husk, peels of fruits and vegetables, dry fruits and seeds are the rich sources of fiber.

Fiber Helps in Weight Loss
Fiber is a special type of carbohydrate which passes through the human digestive system without getting broken or changed. It directly changes into nutrients.

The main purpose of fiber is to maintain the health of the digestive system.
The high fiber diet soon fills the stomach and helps to control the hunger. It takes time to chew the fiber rich food which results into fewer intakes of the food and calories.

The intake of the fibrous food reduces the levels of sugar in blood. The regulated amount of sugar in blood saves from the repeated urge of hunger. As a result it helps to control the habit of eating something throughout the day.

The high fiber diet controls the levels of sugar and cholesterol in blood.
It regulates the digestive system.

Right Intake of Fiber

The optimum daily intake of fiber for the women above 50 is 21 grams, while it is 30 grams for the men. In case of those below 50, it is 25 grams ans 38 grams for women and men respectively. The excess amounts of fiber than the required levels may cause constipation.

Every fourth Diabetic in the World is an Indian
There are about 4.2 Million diabetic patients in the world, out of which 10 Million are found is India. These statistics were released by the first global report of World Health Organization. Diabitics is taking the form of a fatal disease in South Asian Nations including India. Every fourth diabetic patient in the world belongs to India.
In the coming years the diabetic is likely to become a serious problem in India. Due to lack of awareness the people of India generally abstain from physical labor and exercises. With the changing lifestyles and the letharegic attitude is making Indians prone todiabetes.
On World health Day the WHO disclosed that diabetics is spreading very fast in India and South Asian countries. Therefore special efforts should be made to check the problem otherwise the situation will get out of control.
During the last couple of decades the numbers of patients suffering from diabetics have increased more in developing countries than in developed nations. The diabetic could become the 7th most deadly and fatal disease in the world.
Several researches have disproved the belief that diabetics is caused by excessive intake of sugar.  There are great numbers of patients who disliked eating sugar and sweet things, but even then they suffr from diabetic. Diabetic is not caused by sugar, but one has to abstain from it, if once the disease is detected.  

A lot of irregularities have come up in the normal life due to the present age of technology and comforts. The occurrence of diabetics and obesity has reached at dangerous levels in India. 

Guava Increases the Appetite

Guava is a fruit full of several health benefits. It contains proteins, fats, calcium and vitamins. The vitamin C remains present on the peel and right below it which goes on decreasing towards the core. But this amount increases with the ripening of the fruit.
Guava at a fruit stall 
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Sakurai Midori

The intake of guava has following health benefits.

1. The intake of the mixture of 10 gram of guava juice with equal amount of sugar for 21 days in empty stomach increases the appetite and provides extra glow to the skin too.

2. The application of the paste of raw guava on head before sunrise gives relief in headache.

3. Prepare the paste of the leaves of guava and eat it with black salt to get relief in arthritis and joint pains.

4. The intake of the boiled extract of the soft leaves of guava with black pepper helps in fever.

5. In case of cold and flu go to the bed at night by filling the stomach by eating enough fruits of guava without taking water. By next sunrise there will be a drastic improvement.

6. In constipation, the intake of the intake of the salad of ripe guava with radish, mint and carrot for few days is very beneficial.

The Wonderful Health Benefits of Tamarind

Tamarind is the most popular sour spice in Indian cuisines. It has several uses in different recipes and is used in sweet drinks, snacks, sauces, pickles, and foods.
It has antiseptic and cool properties and reduces the fever too.
The shucks, fruit flesh, and pips of Tamarind
Wikimedia Commons by kaŹstn Disk/Cat

It contains C, E and B vitamin, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and fiber. It is also full of antioxidants and all these things work as a health package.

Tamarind has several health benefits.

1. Put a little cinnamon, green cardamom, brown sugar or jaggery or gur and tamarind in a saucer of water and take it 2-3 times a day for the loss of appetite.

2. It helps in digestion due to the presence of fiber in it.

3. Tamarind gives relief from constipation and diarrhea. For the purpose take the powder of the seeds of tamarind with water.

4. It helps in weight loss due to the presence of hydroxy citric acid, which increases the formation of fat-reducing enzymes in the body.

5. It increases the blood circulation in the body and removes the iron deficiency. It increases the formation of red blood corpuscles, improves memory, gives energy in weakness and strengthens the disease-fighting immune system of the body.

6. In case of piles, take equal amounts of mustard oil and butter oil and fry the leaves of tamarind in it. Add the dry seeds of pomegranate, dry ginger, dry seeds of coriander and cook it for some time. Add curd to it and take it 2-3 times a day.

7. Eat tamarind with Dalia or ground wheat to get relief if the blood comes in piles.

8. Tamarind is full of vitamin B which helps in the development of muscles. The thymine present in it helps in proper functions of veins and arteries and builds the muscles.

9. To get relief in swelling of any type, take a cup of wheat flour, tamarind leaves, tamarind juice, a pinch of salt and boil the contents for some time. Apply the paste on affected area a let it remain there for some time.

10. The paste of the bark of tamarind helps to cure black spots on body and face.

11. The tamarind juice in oil is mixed and put into the ear to get relief in ear sores.

12. In case of sunstroke and headache caused by sunlight, the juice of tamarind gives instant relief.

13. The ripe tamarind helps in indigestion and improves the taste of the mouth.

14. It removes the worms and tapeworms from the intestine.

15. It acts as a heart tonic.

16. The powder of the seeds of tamarind is applied on Scorpion bites.

 17. Keep the seeds of tamarind soaked in water overnight and eat them after taking off the peels to get relief from a backache.

18. Tamarind removes the uric acid from the body and gives relief in gout and rheumatism.

19. Apply the paste of tamarind on dark circles around the eyes.

20. It is also used as a face mask when used with milk for skin lightening. Wash and clean the tamarind and remove all the seeds. Soak it in warm water and use it for skin tightening.

21. When taken with sugar it gives relief in heart inflammation.

22. The intake of the juice of tamarind helps in nausea and vomiting.

23. In case of injury or sprain, boil the leaves of tamarind in water and give its bath to the affected part.

24. The application of the paste of tamarind removes the dead skin cells from the face. 

Health Benefits of Tamarind Leaves

The fruits, pulp, leaves, and bark of a tamarind tree are full of several health benefits. Tamarind fruit is used in Indian recipes for imparting the sour taste to the dishes. But the leaves of the tamarind are used in the ancient system of medicines for several ailments.

1. It gives relief in diabetes as the intake of tamarind regulates the levels of blood sugar and increases the insulin sensitivity of the body.

2. Chewing few leaves of tamarind gives relief from a toothache and removes the bad odor from the breath.

3. The leaves of tamarind have antiseptic properties. The juice of the leaves is applied on wounds for speedy healing. It helps in the formation of new cells.

4. The juice of the leaves gives relief from peptic ulcer and its symptoms.

5. The intake of tamarind leaves gives relief from high blood pressure.

6. The leaves are the storehouse of vitamin C and save the body from the infection caused by the microscopic germ. The juice of leaves helps to stop infections and the development of parasites.

7. Scurvy is caused by the deficiency of vitamin C. It is also called boatman sickness. The symptoms of which include tiredness and swelling or bleeding in gums, brittle, frail, and ingrown nails. The leaves of tamarind are full of high ascorbic acid and act as an anti-scurvy vitamin. 

8. The leaf extract helps to stop the pubic infection and gives relieves the symptoms.

9. The leaf extract improves the quantity and quality of milk of breastfeeding mothers.

10. The leaves are analgesic and give relief from pain. The leaf and bark extract is taken during painful periods. The analgesic effects are increased by boiling the leaves with raw papaya and a little salt.

11. The leaves also help to alleviate the swelling and the leaf extract is thus used as a massage in joint pains.

12. It has been found in a research the extract of tamarind leaves stop the development of Plasmodium falciparum- which is produced by the mosquitoes and is the chief cause of malaria. 

13. The leaf extract gives relief from jaundice. 

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Home Remedies for Sore or Dry Throat

Several diseases occur due to sore throat. The problem of itching in throat or dry throat is also one of them. The people generally overlook the problem of dry throat thinking that it is a very minor problem.

Sore throat and ulcerated right tonsil
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by  Wellcome Images

The dry throat is a medical problem in which the itching and roughness appears in the throat. The person feels like putting the fingers inside the throat to scratch the itching. The same inflammation occurs even in the lower part of the tongue.

In such a situation there is a loss of taste and every relishing food appears to become tasteless. Every person may become afflicted with the problem.

Do not take the soreness of the throat lightly and suppose it to be occurring due to the changing seasons or hot and cold weather.

The sore throat could be due to the infection of the throat or tonsillitis. The soreness in the throat due to the change in the season is very common. The prickly thorn like sensation occurs in the throat together with a problem to speak and swallow. It happens due to the infection of the bacteria or the virus.

The throat infection gets cured itself, but in certain cases the treatment becomes necessary. 

Medical Reasons
Generally the people take the throat problem lightly and neglect it for a long time. But sometimes the simple problem could become grave and give rise to serious diseases.

The itching in the throat may be due to infection which causes hoarse voice, cough, fever, headache, tiredness and pain in the throat especially while swallowing anything.

Our throat has two tonsils situated on both sides of the throat. They stop the germs and bacteria from entering inside the throat. But sometimes these tonsils themselves get infected and lead to tonsillitis. In such a situation the color of the tonsils become a little or or pink and red. Sometimes white spots appear on the tonsils.

The infection of tonsillitis gets cured by antibiotics, but the situation becomes more serious when the infection occurs due to streptococcus hemolyticus bacteria. In such circumstances the infection spreads to the heart and kidneys and causes serious diseases. 

But it is not always necessary to rush to the physician to get the medicines for the treatment of the problem. Some home remedies are very effective in such situations. But don’t hesitate to rush for the medical aid in case the blood comes out of the throat or any serious problem occurs.
Other Reasons
1. The throat infection occurs generally due to virus and bacteria, but sometimes the reason is the fungal infection. The allergy to certain foods and the adverse effects of some drinks and medicines also causes throat infection. 
2. The throat infection may also be a genetic problem.
3. The eating habits like the intake of cold, fried, sour and preserves foods, the unclean teeth also increase the risks of throat infection.  
4. Sometimes the problem occurs due to smoking or allergy.

Home Remedies
Here are few home remedies for the problem.

1. Honey
Make the use of honey in case of throat inflammation. Take a teaspoon of honey, but do not take water for at least half an hour after taking honey. The soothing properties of honey give instant relief.

2. Herbal Tea
It gives instant relief to the throat and may remove the problem altogether without any side effects. Take the herbal tea at least 2-3 times a day.

3. Sugar Elixir
It is a type of drink which changes the taste of the mouth and removes the dryness by keeping the throat wet. The lemon or orange juice could also ve take in place of sugar elixir. Drinking enough water also keeps the throat hydrated.

4. Soups
The intake of hot soup also wettens the throat. It is during the problem of sore throat that the throat becomes dehydrant and the liquid intake is necessary in such a situation. The hot soups will sooth the throat on one hand and on the other the water will hydrate it further.

5. Don't let the Mouth Remain Dry
It becomes difficult to eat anything during sore throat. It is better to chew green cardamom or the tablets strepsils or vicks. It will maintain the saliva in the mouth which in turn keeps the throat wet.

6. Basil, Clove and Black Pepper
The tea made from black pepper, basil and cloves gives relief in throat inflammation. Take this herbal tea 2-3 times a day to get relief.

7. Salt and Water
Put some salt in warm water and gurgle 3-4 times a day. This is the most effective and the common remedy for sore throat.

8. Potash Alum
Put a small piece of potash alum in a glass of water and gurgle twice a day to get relief from the inflammation of sore throat.

Other Remedies
1. Gurgle with Lukewarm water into which rock salt has been added.
2. The tea of ginger, black pepper and green cardamom gives relief from pain, due to the antibacterial effect of tea.
3. Avoid smoking and the use of spices and chilies. Take care of the food you eat.

4. Avoid the chilled or cold water of the refrigerator. Abstain from cold edible things as prevention is better than cure.