Saturday, 25 October 2014

Why We Fall ill ?

Take Care of Food
Generally there are certain reasons for the illness. By removing these causes and taking certain precautions we could avoid becoming ill.
The reasons are,

1. The type of food we eat, as about 50% of diseases are caused by it.

2. Overeating or eating the delicious foods in excess.

3. Eating fried and oily food in plenty.

4. Abundant intake of spices and chilies.

5. Reduced use of salads, fruits and green vegetables.

6. Eating food by gulping instead of properly chewing it.

7. Ignorance of how to drink water,as it is better to drink water half an hour before and one hour after taking food.

8. Lack of regular exercises and physical work. Perform yoga daily to regulate digestion, as the cause of several diseases is indigestion, and take rest after the exercises.

9. No brisk walking in the morning before sunrise.

10. Control the negative feelings to minimize the production of disease causing chemicals in the body.

Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by bradley j
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