Monday, 13 October 2014

The Rose Strengthens Heart, Uterus and Gut

Red Rose
Wikimedia Commons by Hamachidori 
Even the thought of rose refreshes and fills the imagination with its fragrance.

The more beautiful the flower is the medicinal properties it has. 

Several poets have sung the eulogies and written songs about the beauty of roses in different ages and different lands. But the petals of roses are very useful in herbicure, skin care and overall health. 

Rose is a deodorant, blood cleanser, cool, strengthens lever, increases mental power and appetite and is anti-inflammatory. 

The leaves of rose nourish the skin, give cool feeling, and impart its fragrance. 
The rose water is used as a face mask and is also used for food flavoring. The rose is a rich source of vitamins likes A, B3, C, D and E. it also contains sufficient amounts of calcium, zinc and iron. 

Some of the several benefits of roses are as follows

1. For exfoliating, mash a rose and keep it soaked in un-boiled milk for 30 minutes. Apply the paste on skin and face by gentle rubbing and rinse after drying. 

Add few drops of rose water in glycerine with a tablespoon of lemon juice and apply on the face. It will retain the moisture of the skin and make it soft and silky.

3. The intake of rose helps in asthma, high blood pressure, bronchitis, diarrhea, cough, fever, and digestive disorders.

4. The fresh flower acts as a laxative, while the dry leaves causes constipation. 

5. It strengthens the heart, uterus, intestines and the stomach.

6. The rose petals are also used in tea to flush out toxins from the body.

7. The regular intake helps in tuberculosis.

8. The boiled extract of rose gives relief in stress and relaxes the contraction of muscles.

9. The rose oil is very effective in genetic system of women, menopause, excessive menstrual bleeding, and postmenopausal syndrome.

10. In Greek system of medicines, rose is known for dry and cool effects. It is taken in headache, unconsciousness and increased palpitation.
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