Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Warm Water Improves Digestion and Health

The intake of boiled water is the best option against water borne diseases. But drinking of Lukewarm water instead of cold water has several benefits. 
A Glass of Water
Wikimedia Commons by Derek Jensen

It is good in natural cure in cold and fever. It cleanses the internal system, helps in blood circulation, gives freshness and aids the digestion too. 

While eating anything the temperature of stomach gets increased, and the mild warm water makes the breaking of food into small fragments easy. It further helps in digestion and assimilation of nutrients in small intestine. 

The unwanted waste products and toxins get dissolved in water and are thereby easily execrated from the body. 

It helps in the proper mixing and breaking of different types of solid food contents in stomach and also dissolves the fats.

In summer the warm water helps in removing the toxins by sweating and balances the body temperature.

The toxins in the nervous system which influence the emotions and thoughts also get removed by the intake of warm water and helps in proper balance of mental health.

It maintains the water level in the body and supports the proper functioning of the kidney.

It relieves the body from the harmful bacteria and virus.

It helps in removal of cough, extra gases, fats and mucous from the body.

When taken with honey and lemon it gives cool feeling, while gurgles with addition of little salt soothes the throat and is good in cough.
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