Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Health Benefits of Mint

Mint has several health benefits. So it is better to add mint to the regular diet chart. 
Mint Plant
Wikimedia Commons by Camden7 

Mint is a boon for overall health. It is the oldest and the most popular herb used throughout the world. It has several varieties and each has its typical flavor and taste.  Few leaves of mint could be added to juice, dish, salad etc. It enhances the flavor of tea, sauce, soups, juice etc. It increases the taste of stockings, raita (curd and mint), salad and foods. It imparts exquisite flavor and medicinal properties to the foods. Mint can be added to any beverage, shake or smoothie. 
It is very easy to grow mint in small pot or a glass of soil or in kitchen gardens.
But very few people know its medicinal benefits.  It refreshes life in general and the senses in particular by giving alertness.
The intake of mint provides the following benefits.

1. The mint tea is very beneficial and refreshing in winters and rainy season. The mint tea is best in indigestion.

2. The intake of the juice of mint saves from sunstroke in summer.
3. The fiber in mint controls the increased levels of cholesterol.

4. The magnesium in mint strengthens the bones.

5. It enhances the beauty and the paste of mint helps to remove pimples and acne. It gives relief in skin inflammation and burning sensation. Grind the fresh leaves of mint and aply the paste on face to get relief from heat and to get rid of pimples and acnes.

6. It gives relief in acidity, gastric, indigestion etc. The mint tea gives relief to small and large intestines and cleans the stomach. The regular intake of mint removes the toxic substances from the body.

7. The massage of crushed leaves of mint on helps in foul breath, tooth problems and removes the paleness of teeth. The gurgle with the water in which the mint juice has been added removes the foul smell from the breath. It gives the pipperiment like cool feeling and acts as a mouth freshener, when few leaves of mint are chewed.

8. Mint cleans the blood in the body and saves fromseveral diseases.

9. The chewing of leaves of mint or taking the juice of mint helps in hiccups.

10. The intake of mint with cumin seeds, aesfodita (heeng), black pepper and black salt gives complete relief in stomach pain.

11. It is the best herbal treatment for irritable bowels and every problem related to acidosis. The acidosis is the formation of excess acids in the body due to toxicity and imbalance in ph levels.

12. Mix few drops of essential oil of mint with water and sprinkle it for a purifying and non-toxic air freshener effects. 

13. It gives relief in itchiness, restlessness and discomfort.

14. Mint soothes in inflammation and itchiness. It is also good in gingivitis, muscle spasms and rheumatism. 

15. The properties of instant aromatherapy in mint calms and relaxes the nervous system in pains, headaches, anxieties, worries and depression. 
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