Monday, 13 October 2014

Early Rising - The Key to Longivity

Most of us might have tried one time or the other to rise early, and succeeded. It is very difficult to cultivate the habit, but very easy to discontinue. 

Early rising is a good habit to be cultivated and adopted throughout the life. It is very fruitful to rise early in the morning, because the day then begins on a higher note cheerfully. 
Early Rising
Wikimedia Commons by Bob Embleton 

Keeping awake late at night and then rising late gives us a false sense of taking enough time to sleep. But late rising fills our day with lethargy and we could not become completely fresh. 

Sleeping later after sunrise goes against longevity and creates several health problems. Watching the nature too rising with sunrise adds to the hilarious mood. The birds starting their day and the vegetation looks like stretching itself from the slumber is a thing to be felt.

Avoiding morning exercises, breakfast etc. and taking tea or coffee are very harmful habits. Health indeed needs healthy habits and early rising is one of them followed by what you eat or do the whole day. Early rising gives good time for exercises, because the daily chores keep us busy otherwise.

The meditation for fifteen minutes is also necessary in the morning. It will recharge the body with energy, boost the functions of the mind and reduce stress. 

Further an early rising helps in undue delays to the workplace. You will not be forced to rush to anything or be in hurry. 

It will give enough time for breakfast, newspaper, family and whatever you like.

The easy going routine will make you cheerful with positive outlook.

When the daily routine becomes healthy, then health will not be far behind. 

Otherwise hurry is worry. 
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