Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Computer Vision Syndrome- A Severe Health Problem

The problems like shoulder or throat pain, headache, reduced focus, inflammation in eyes, tiredness etc. are caused, if more than two hours are spent on computer. These are the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS.

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Mostly the problems like strain, irritation and dryness of eyes; fatigue and short term reduced vision are common among those who work longer on computer.

Eyesight problems

In CVS, it becomes difficult for the people to see the distant and close objects distinctly. The multi focal lenses aggravate the problem, because generally the computer monitor is placed at higher level. This creates the problem of focus and the eyes do not get a chance to wink. This creates dryness and irritation in the eyes.

Computer Glare

The electric light in the room causes strain in the eyes due to the glare of computer screen. The problems like headache, stiff neck, backache etc. are due to the reason that the head is repeatedly moved back and forth in uncomfortable postures to get the proper focus. Generally the sharp sunlight and electric light create strain on eyes. While working on computer in the offices, just half of the common light is enough. The entry of outside light should be stopped. Use the bulbs and tubes of reduced power. Place the computer monitor in such a way that, instead of being in front or back the windows remain sideways. 

Adjust the Computer 

The light or glare of computer monitor should be adjusted according to the surrounding light. The color and the light of the monitor should relief giving to the eyes. Repeatedly wink the eyes, because it keeps them moist and reduces inflammation. Change the eye focus after every 10 minutes by looking at something else than the monitor. 


It is better to stand up and walk few steps after an hour or so. The exercises of arms, feet, back, throat, neck and shoulders give relief, reduce numbness and increase blood circulation. The wrist and finger massage is also necessary. Close the eyes for a while as if sleeping, to relax the eyes from the stress. 
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