Friday, 24 October 2014

Beauty and Health Tips for Summer Season

Fruits and Vegetables
Wikimedia Commons by Peggy Greb
The summer season brings several problems. The hot minstrels and sunlight not only affect the skin but the body too. It causes digestive problems while several infections occur in this season.

The infections come through drinking water and the eating habits cause intestinal problems. The hot winds and the dampness caused by sweat cause skin infections. Hence certain precautions are necessary for summer.

1. Drink enough water for the health of the skin and to check the dehydration. Always drink boiled and filtered water. The fruit juices can also be taken. The lemon juice is a refreshing drink full of vitamin C.

2. Add green leafy vegetables and fruits in daily diet. Take salads, melons. cucumbers, gourds etc. as they are nutritious and full of water contents.

3. Take enough rest in summer and avoid the manual labor, because these actions require more energy. The sweating associated with hard work drains out bodily salts and water leading to dehydration. In case of unavoidable hard work, it is advisable to take the breaks for rest.

4. Avoid sunlight, as it causes sunburn, suntan and other problems associated with ultraviolet radiations. Apply sunscreen half an hour before going out in sunlight and reapply after every two hours or after swimming. Don’t go out in sun between 11 AM to 4 PM as the ultraviolet rays are the severest at this time. Use sunglasses and umbrella too.

5. Take extra care of eyes, because the dryness in summer reduces the quality and quantity of the formation of tears. It also decreases the moisture in and around the eyes because we have to look in the presence of sharp sunlight. Use eye drops and dark sunglasses in sunlight.

6. Wear light-colored and loose-fitting cotton clothes in summer. Tight clothes cause several skin problems and rashes. The clothes wetted by sweat should not be worn again. 

7. Avoid fried food and junk food as the digestive system becomes weak in summer. Eating oily food causes indigestion, stomach pain, and gastric problems. Take easily digestible food in summer.

8. Take care of fitness and walk a little after taking light meals as it will help in proper digestion. 
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