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Bauhinia Variegata or Kachnar for Thyroid and Other Ailments

Kachnar, or Mountain Ebony, 
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by J M Garg

It is called as Phanera variegata or Bauhinia variegate. In the genus of Bauhinia, the plant is commonly known as Grevillea robusta belonging to the family of A. Cunn. Proteaceae.
The Bauhinia variegata plant species is popularly known as Kachnar in India, while its English name is silver oak. 

It is known as chingthrao in Manipuri and kanaraj in Marathi. The othe names include orchid tree, mountain-ebony, or camel's foot tree. It is a flowering plant in the order of Fabales in Cercideae tribe. It belongs to the family of Fabaceae or Leguminosae, in the subfamily of Caesalpinioideae. Its plant kingdom is Plantae in Magnoliopsida and the class division is Magnoliophyta.

The kachnar is one of the beautiful and most useful ornamental tree tree found in subtropical and tropical climate in South and Southeast Asia in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma and China. The plant is native to Southeast Asia that is from the Southern China to the west of Pakistan including India and grows in subtropical and tropical climates.

Depending upon the color of the flowers this ornamental tree has three varieties of red, white and mauve. This small to medium-sized deciduous tree grows up to 10- 12 meters, with rounded and broad leaves about 20 cm long which are bi-lobed at the base and the top. The flowers bloom in the tree in mid March.
It has several species out of which the pink variety is very advantageous and beneficial. The flower bud is long, slender, green and pink in color. Its five petaled scented flowers are up to 12 cm in diameter and the seeded fruit pod generally grows up to 30 cm in length.

Health Benefits

1. The bark, flowers and leaves of kachnar are beneficial for health. The flowers bloom in mid March. This plant of several health benefits is grown for food, fodder and scented flowers. 

2. The buds and flowers of Kachnar are long, green and pink.
They help in joint pains, asthma and ulcers.
The buds are used in several recipes and the raita or a dish in curd or butter milk is very useful to reduce the abscess and pimples by purifying the blood.

3. The buds and roots help in digestion and constipation. The regular intake of twice a day of the bark extract with ground carom seeds or thyme to get relief in gastric and indigestion.

4. The kachnar curry prepared from kachnar buds by adding yogurt, onion and spices is delicious food.

5. The flowers are the best in thyroid, tonsils and throat problems.

Grind the bark of tree in the water in which rice has been washed and eat it with saunf or aniseed to get relief from the cyst in throat. The powder of dry ginger could be added to this paste to be applied on the cysts of throat.
In case of a cyst on throat, grind the bark in rice water and eat it by adding a teaspoon of the powder of fennel seeds. Add dry ginger to the mixture and apply it on cyst as a balm.
To get rid of the knots in throat, grind the bark of the tree in rice water and add half a tablespoon of the powder of fennel seeds and eat it.
Prepare the paste of flowers or bark is prepeard with rice water and dry ginger powder and apply on throat for swollen gland or tonsils. The paste could also be taken for additional relief.

6. Take the powder of the buds of kachnar with butter and candy sugar for 10 days to get relief from piles.

7. Boil the bark in water and take the boiled extract to get rid of worms in intestine.

8. The root extract could be taken in liver disorders.

9. The intake of the extract of the buds purifies and cleans the blood.

10. The massage of the ash of the burnt branches on teeth gives relief in tooth ache. Cleaning the teeth with the ash of the branches of the tree also helps in toothache.

11. In case of gastric problem, prepare the bark extract of Kachnar and add ajwain or carom seed or thyme in 20 mg dose and drink twice a day for few days.

12. In case of mouth ulcers apply the paste formed by the extract of kachnar bark with katha or catechu or the extract of acacia tree for complete relief.
13. The flowers and buds are taken as a vegetable. It cleans the blood and is very beneficial for absceses, pimples, arthritis and joint pains.

14.  In case of the numbness in tongue, take a pinch of the powder of the bark. It is also useful for the numbness of skin and other parts of the body.

15. Take the powder of the buds of flower with butter and sugar for a fortnight to get relief from piles.

16. Take the root extract for any type of kidney problem as it helps to strengthen the kidney functions.
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