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Betel Leaves Help in Cough and pyorrhea

The betel leaves are considered sacred in India. as they are being used in religious, spiritual and tantaric activities since ancient times. It is used as a mouth freshener after meals. These leaves are also used in herbal cure, Ayurveda and traditional medicines.
Betel Leaves
Wikimedia Commons by Lrbinu

The health benefits of betel leaf are as follows.
1. Chew 10 gram camphor in betel leaf 3-4 times a day for relief in pyorrhea. The care should be taken that instead of swallowing, the saliva should be spat out.

2. In case of injury just tie few warm betel leaves on the affected area for few hours to alleviate the pain.

3. Tie the betel leaves on injured part of the body to get relief from pain and swelling. 

4. In cough it is better to put a little heated turmeric in a betel leaf and chew it for some time. If the problem persists, add parsley instead of turmeric. Put a little turmeric and thyme seeds or ajwain in the betel leaf and chew before going to bed to get relief from chronic cough.

5. In case of kidney problems chew raw betel leaves without putting anything in it and avoid the use of spices.  It also strengthens the kidney functions.

6. In case of burn injuries, the warm juice of betel leaves gives relief. Apply the warn juice of betel leaves on burns and blisters to get relief and to repair the damaged skin.  

7. It helps in jaundice fever, jaundice, fever and constipation.

8. When taken with clove, it helps in cold. Chew a clove wrapped in betel leaf to get relief in cold. It helps in respiratory disorders. Massage the warm betel oil on chest for a week to get relief from respiratory disorders. .  

9. It increases the appetite, quenches the thirst and gives relief from gum problems.
10. The tropical application of the warm paste of betel leaves with coconut oil helps in arthritis and swelling.

11. It is anti-diabetic and analgesic and gives relief in migraine too.

12. A few drops of betel leaf juice and a little honey acts as a tonic for the nervous system and gives relief in cough.

13. The intake of betel leaf with ripe betel nut and mulathi or liquorice root or jethi-madh relaxes the mood.


The excessive use of betel leaves may cause mouth cancer and here the benefits are related to its medicinal use only.

How to Tackle Laryngitis at Home

Laryngitis is the inflammation in the larynx or the swelling of the throat. It causes partial or complete loss of voice together with irritation in vocal cords and voice damage. 
The hoarse voice, coughing, increased salivation, breathing problem etc. are the common symptom.

It is caused by smoking, drinking, allergens, asthma inhalers, virus bacteria and fungus.
This problem could be avoided and handled by natural home remedies, some of which are as follows.

Onion juice

It is the most effective home remedy for laryngitis. The onion juice alleviates the swelling of the throat and gives instant relief in a natural way. In case of laryngitis, cut small pieces of onion, grind in blender and prepare the syrup. Take 2 tablespoons of the syrup with warm water after an interval of 4-5 hours.


Take a pinch of salt in a cup of warm water and gurgle after 2-3 hours. The problem will vanish by the end of the day.


Garlic has anti-microbial properties which kill the virus and bacteria. It helps in throat swelling and hoarse voice. Take a small fruit of garlic and suck it slowly. Repeat the process several times a day.


The ginger soothes the larynx and gives relief in swelling of the throat. Boil a piece of ginger in a pan and let it cool for a while. Add few drops of lemon juice and honey into it. Take this ginger tea several times a day. A small piece of ginger could also be sucked for added advantage.

Lemon Juice

The lemon juice has a natural acidic character. It kills the bacteria and alleviates the swelling of the throat. Put few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt in a cup of warm water. Gurgle with the mixture several times a day to get relief in Laryngitis.

Apple Vinegar

The apple vinegar is very effective against the bacterial swelling of the throat.  Add two large spoons of apple vinegar and little honey to a cup of water and take it twice a day.

Eucalyptus Oil

The anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-viral properties of eucalyptus oil make it an ideal remedy for the irritation caused by the swelling of the throat. The best way is to take the steam of the oil. Put few drops of Eucalyptus oil in a pan of boiling water or in a steamer. Cover the head with a towel and inhale the steam for 10-15 minutes in the morning and evening.

During these remedies give enough rest to the throat and avoid speaking in loud voice. Speedy and loud speech causes pressure on the swollen parts of the throat.

Photo Credit- emedicinehealth.com
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How to Cope with Cold and Flu in Winter

Avoid Antibiotics in Cold and Flu

The people generally become careless in winter and get afflicted with several diseases like cold and flu. To avoid these winter ailments we have to be extra careful about dress code and eating habits.

The blood pressure gets reduced in winter and the asthmatic people suffer the most.

The following precautions should be taken about the stalking cold weather.
Wash the hand as many times as possible. Avoid touching the face with your own hands.

Don’t touch or shake hands with the person suffering from cold. Avoid touching the virus infected door handles.

Make it a habit to take vitamin C daily, as it strengthens the immune system and aids in recovery. This vitamin is water soluble and its presence in body needs to be replenished.

Avoid stress and tension as it reduces the disease fighting capabilities of the body.

Exercise daily for half an hour to get strength to fight with cold and flu.

Cold and Flu

There is a little difference between cold and flu as the latter comes violently and is more painful. Both cold and flu occur due to virus and thus cannot be cured by antibiotics. The symptoms of flu include severe pain in legs, feeling of high fever and tiredness. It is more contagious and viral than cold.

The best course in flu is to take enough rest, go for liquid diet and avoid exercises.

First of all the throat pain and infection occurs before cold and flu. During this time it is better to take tea, coffee honey and warm lemon water.

The gurgles of warm water containing little salt after every half an hour give relief in pain and restlessness.

After recovery, the feeling of running or choked nose persists for some time.

Photo Credit-United States Centers for Desease Control and Prevention
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How to Improve the Eyesight

Eye Exercise of Focusing

Eyes are the gifts of nature which enable us to behold the beauties of the world. We should thus be extra careful to protect them as long as we are alive. Some certain causes like overuse of mobile phones,  computers, television, laptop etc., reduce the night vision.

Avoid Bright Light

But the vision could be improved by taking some precautions in case of night blindness.
Avoid sharp light especially during night. The bright light causes more harm when we come from darkness to light. So avoid bright lights at home. Don't stare at the street lights or flash lights or the lights of vehicles.

Relax the eyes

Perform eye exercises to improve the vision. The eye relief exercises sooth the eye and improve the vision. Place both the hands on the eyes and relax the eye muscles.


The liquid in the eyes keeps the eyes moist and gives relief to the muscles of eyes. The loss in the amount of this liquid causes redness in the eyes, itching and pain. The winking also maintains the levels of this liquid. So it is better to wink during work and avoid staring at the things for longer duration.

Photo Credit-Tuong Yen
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The Right Posture for Computer

1. The Right Posture

Taking of right posture is necessary for those who sit before computer for longer duration. The problems like pain in back, waist, knees and legs occur, if the posture is defective. We have to work in wrong way if the posture is wrong. It means more stress leading to increased pain in body, hands and fingers. The best position for the body is when it gets a chance for easy movements like sitting, bending and working. It is better to understand the right posture for working on computer.

2. The Wrong Posture

Keep the bones and Joints straight

The hands and feet should not be in bent or crooked position while sitting for longer duration. Do not bend the knees and keep the waist erect. Maintain a right gap between your seat and computer, so that the monitor is properly visible. Proper sitting reduces the stress on back bone and other bones.

Before starting the work on computer, it is better to adjust the chair and sit erect by keeping the shoulders straight for some time. It will program your body to adopt the right posture.

Use Cushion or Towel

Put a cushion or folded towel on the chair for back support. Give support to the back by pressing it backwards now and then. Change the position to 10 degrees after some time. Raise the arms or spread them to get additional relief.

Distance from Computer

To reduce stress on eyes and eyesight, it is better to sit at a fixed distance from the computer. Don’t sit inside the computer.  The proper distance is the visible distance. Increase the font size to reduce stress. You can fold the legs, if it relieves.   

Take a Break

If you continuously work on computer, it is advisable to take a break of 2 minutes after every half an hour. Sit and close the eyes for a while. It will alleviate the stress and give relief to the eyes. You can relax the arms by moving them up and down.

1. Photo Credit- Plindenbaum
    Image URL- http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5c/ScientistPedigree.JPG/403px-ScientistPedigree.JPG

2. Photo Credit- Matthew Bowden
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Why We Fall ill ?

Take Care of Food
Generally there are certain reasons for the illness. By removing these causes and taking certain precautions we could avoid becoming ill.
The reasons are,

1. The type of food we eat, as about 50% of diseases are caused by it.

2. Overeating or eating the delicious foods in excess.

3. Eating fried and oily food in plenty.

4. Abundant intake of spices and chilies.

5. Reduced use of salads, fruits and green vegetables.

6. Eating food by gulping instead of properly chewing it.

7. Ignorance of how to drink water,as it is better to drink water half an hour before and one hour after taking food.

8. Lack of regular exercises and physical work. Perform yoga daily to regulate digestion, as the cause of several diseases is indigestion, and take rest after the exercises.

9. No brisk walking in the morning before sunrise.

10. Control the negative feelings to minimize the production of disease causing chemicals in the body.

Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by bradley j
Image URL-upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/15/Veggie_burger_flickr_user_bradleyj_creative_commons.jpg/800px-Veggie_burger_flickr_user_bradleyj_creative_commons.jpg

How to Detoxify the Body

The Right Dart
Wikimedia Commons by Oliver Delgado
The overall health depends on environment, as it affects the levels of hormones in the body.

Innumerable synthetic chemicals like plastics, insecticides,pesticides etc are present in environment. 

These toxins mimic the role of estrogen in our bodies, leading to cancers, infertility and many other diseases caused by hormonal imbalance.

The change in diet and lifestyle is necessary to achieve the overall health.

To detoxify the environment, drink pure water, contained in steel and not in plastic containers. Always use glass rather than plastic for drinks.

Do not heat foods in plastic utensils and old newspapers. Use paper bags to store the fruits or vegetables.

Eat organic food and thoroughly wash the fruits and vegetables to remove the chemicals.

Use natural detergents and avoid canned food. Cook food by steaming or grilling instead of deep-frying.

Avoid alcohol, dairy, fatty foods and medical drugs as far as possible. Use organic and grass fed meat. 

Avoid perfumes and use aluminum free natural deodorants on clothes rather than on skin. Also use natural skin products.

Do not remain in sun between 11 AM  to 3 PM. Try to spend as little time in traffic as possible.

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Beauty and Health Tips for Summer Season

Fruits and Vegetables
Wikimedia Commons by Peggy Greb
The summer season brings several problems. The hot minstrels and sunlight not only affect the skin but the body too. It causes digestive problems while several infections occur in this season.

The infections come through drinking water and the eating habits cause intestinal problems. The hot winds and the dampness caused by sweat cause skin infections. Hence certain precautions are necessary for summer.

1. Drink enough water for the health of the skin and to check the dehydration. Always drink boiled and filtered water. The fruit juices can also be taken. The lemon juice is a refreshing drink full of vitamin C.

2. Add green leafy vegetables and fruits in daily diet. Take salads, melons. cucumbers, gourds etc. as they are nutritious and full of water contents.

3. Take enough rest in summer and avoid the manual labor, because these actions require more energy. The sweating associated with hard work drains out bodily salts and water leading to dehydration. In case of unavoidable hard work, it is advisable to take the breaks for rest.

4. Avoid sunlight, as it causes sunburn, suntan and other problems associated with ultraviolet radiations. Apply sunscreen half an hour before going out in sunlight and reapply after every two hours or after swimming. Don’t go out in sun between 11 AM to 4 PM as the ultraviolet rays are the severest at this time. Use sunglasses and umbrella too.

5. Take extra care of eyes, because the dryness in summer reduces the quality and quantity of the formation of tears. It also decreases the moisture in and around the eyes because we have to look in the presence of sharp sunlight. Use eye drops and dark sunglasses in sunlight.

6. Wear light-colored and loose-fitting cotton clothes in summer. Tight clothes cause several skin problems and rashes. The clothes wetted by sweat should not be worn again. 

7. Avoid fried food and junk food as the digestive system becomes weak in summer. Eating oily food causes indigestion, stomach pain, and gastric problems. Take easily digestible food in summer.

8. Take care of fitness and walk a little after taking light meals as it will help in proper digestion. 

Bauhinia Variegata or Kachnar for Thyroid and Other Ailments

Kachnar, or Mountain Ebony, 
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by J M Garg

It is called as Phanera variegata or Bauhinia variegate. In the genus of Bauhinia, the plant is commonly known as Grevillea robusta belonging to the family of A. Cunn. Proteaceae.
The Bauhinia variegata plant species is popularly known as Kachnar in India, while its English name is silver oak. 

It is known as chingthrao in Manipuri and kanaraj in Marathi. The othe names include orchid tree, mountain-ebony, or camel's foot tree. It is a flowering plant in the order of Fabales in Cercideae tribe. It belongs to the family of Fabaceae or Leguminosae, in the subfamily of Caesalpinioideae. Its plant kingdom is Plantae in Magnoliopsida and the class division is Magnoliophyta.

The kachnar is one of the beautiful and most useful ornamental tree tree found in subtropical and tropical climate in South and Southeast Asia in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma and China. The plant is native to Southeast Asia that is from the Southern China to the west of Pakistan including India and grows in subtropical and tropical climates.

Depending upon the color of the flowers this ornamental tree has three varieties of red, white and mauve. This small to medium-sized deciduous tree grows up to 10- 12 meters, with rounded and broad leaves about 20 cm long which are bi-lobed at the base and the top. The flowers bloom in the tree in mid March.
It has several species out of which the pink variety is very advantageous and beneficial. The flower bud is long, slender, green and pink in color. Its five petaled scented flowers are up to 12 cm in diameter and the seeded fruit pod generally grows up to 30 cm in length.

Health Benefits

1. The bark, flowers and leaves of kachnar are beneficial for health. The flowers bloom in mid March. This plant of several health benefits is grown for food, fodder and scented flowers. 

2. The buds and flowers of Kachnar are long, green and pink.
They help in joint pains, asthma and ulcers.
The buds are used in several recipes and the raita or a dish in curd or butter milk is very useful to reduce the abscess and pimples by purifying the blood.

3. The buds and roots help in digestion and constipation. The regular intake of twice a day of the bark extract with ground carom seeds or thyme to get relief in gastric and indigestion.

4. The kachnar curry prepared from kachnar buds by adding yogurt, onion and spices is delicious food.

5. The flowers are the best in thyroid, tonsils and throat problems.

Grind the bark of tree in the water in which rice has been washed and eat it with saunf or aniseed to get relief from the cyst in throat. The powder of dry ginger could be added to this paste to be applied on the cysts of throat.
In case of a cyst on throat, grind the bark in rice water and eat it by adding a teaspoon of the powder of fennel seeds. Add dry ginger to the mixture and apply it on cyst as a balm.
To get rid of the knots in throat, grind the bark of the tree in rice water and add half a tablespoon of the powder of fennel seeds and eat it.
Prepare the paste of flowers or bark is prepeard with rice water and dry ginger powder and apply on throat for swollen gland or tonsils. The paste could also be taken for additional relief.

6. Take the powder of the buds of kachnar with butter and candy sugar for 10 days to get relief from piles.

7. Boil the bark in water and take the boiled extract to get rid of worms in intestine.

8. The root extract could be taken in liver disorders.

9. The intake of the extract of the buds purifies and cleans the blood.

10. The massage of the ash of the burnt branches on teeth gives relief in tooth ache. Cleaning the teeth with the ash of the branches of the tree also helps in toothache.

11. In case of gastric problem, prepare the bark extract of Kachnar and add ajwain or carom seed or thyme in 20 mg dose and drink twice a day for few days.

12. In case of mouth ulcers apply the paste formed by the extract of kachnar bark with katha or catechu or the extract of acacia tree for complete relief.
13. The flowers and buds are taken as a vegetable. It cleans the blood and is very beneficial for absceses, pimples, arthritis and joint pains.

14.  In case of the numbness in tongue, take a pinch of the powder of the bark. It is also useful for the numbness of skin and other parts of the body.

15. Take the powder of the buds of flower with butter and sugar for a fortnight to get relief from piles.

16. Take the root extract for any type of kidney problem as it helps to strengthen the kidney functions.

Mint Alleviates Wrinkles and helps in other Ailments

Mint is not only a mouth freshener, but it has several medicinal properties.It is excellent for digestion and the overall functions of digestive system. 

It also acts as an antibiotic and has the following uses in home remedies.

1. It kills the bad smell, when its juice mixed with water is kept for sometime in the mouth or used in gurgling.

2. Its juice helps in healing of wounds. The paste of few leaves of mint kills the bad odor of wounds. 

3. Its paste is good for skin diseases and rashes.

4. The mixture of mint and onion juice alleviates the effects of sunstroke.

5. An equal amount of lemon, mint and onion juice is used in cholera in traditional medicines.

6. Its juice reduces or even stops nausea and vomiting.

7. The drink made of cumin-seeds, asafoetida, black pepper, salt and mint is given during stomach ache.

8. The mint tea is good during fever.

9. The chewing of few mint leaves stops the hiccups.

10. The paste of mint is also used as a face pack to alleviate wrinkles.

11. The paste of mint and honey alleviates the effect of diarrhea.

Photo Credit- Forest & Kim Starr
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Digestion Improved by Kefir

Kefir Grains
The word kefir has originated from the Turkish word Keif which means good feeling. 
It is a hand-crafted, effervescent and fermented drink made from milk. 

This cultured and pro-bio-tic beverage, is rich in enzymes and contains friendly microbes, which help to balance the inner-ecosystem of digestive tract. 

Kefir is made from live Kefir grains. Like wheat or barley, the kefir grain does not contain any grain, but the look of kefir culture resembles that of a grain. The water grains and milk g rains are the types of kefir grains. 

In a poly saccharine matrix, both types of grains are a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The former are cultured in a solution of sugar and water, or in natural fruit juices containing sugar, or water of fresh coconut. Whereas the latter are cultured in dairy including the milk of cow, goat, buffalo, sheep, camel etc.

Photo Credit- Webaware
 Image URL- https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/05/Kefir-grains-90grams.jpg/610px-Kefir-grains-90grams.jpg

How to Preserve and Drink Milk

A Glass of Milk
The milk is a complete and a nutritious food. It is suitable for the people of any age. The nutritious contents in milk make it the best diet for the children. It is good for their mental and physical growth.

But repeated boilings spoils the nutrients present in the milk. Boiling it once and then leaving it to get cooled, is not a right thing. This method spoils the nutrients and gives a chance for the development of bacteria in it. 

So don’t boil the milk for more than 3-4 minutes. Continue stirring it now and then with a spoon. Then refrigerate it immediately.

Don’t use microwave for boiling. The milk boiled with ultra heat technique is also available. This is done to make the milk free of bacteria and to preserve it longer.

Photo Credit- Stefan Kühn
Image URL- https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0e/Milk_glass.jpg/450px-Milk_glass.jpg

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Let the Tears Fall for Health

Tears are good for health
Like laughing, the weeping is also necessary for health. Whenever you are sad and feel like crying, then do not stop the tears but allow them to fall. 

The recent researches too have corroborated the fact, that the tears give relief and drive away several diseases. They are good for the health of the heart. 

They are the pearls of health. But excessive weeping is not good and is counterproductive.
The forbidden tears are not good for health as they may cause stress, depression, pensiveness, anger, dissatisfaction and irritation and illness. 

The Greeks and Romans were well acquainted with these facts. That is why Aristotle coined the term “catharsis” in tragedy, meaning the expurgation of the soul. Because the tragedy arouses the feeling of pity and fear which remain dormant in our psyche.

The tears are helpful to cure several health problems, like headache, stiff neck, giddiness, etc. 

According to psychiatrists, the women live longer, because they relieve their hearts by shedding few tears, while the men get involved in several health problems by controlling their tears, due to their ego or the social stigma, or the reason that the brave man should not weep, or tears are for the cowards. 

So whenever there is any mental shock, just shed few tears and become fresh and sprightly like a child.

Photo Credit- Reji Jacob
Image URL- http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9d/Tears_.jpg/800px-Tears_.jpg

Prolonged Sitting Deteriorates the Body

Continuous sitting for longer duration causes injury and increased stress on the backbone. The spinal osteoarthritis or the inability to bend down or move the waist is caused by prolonged sitting. It tears the cartilages in the vertebra and leads to the problem in vertebral joints.
Health Problems of  Prolonged Sitting
Wikimedia Commons by Produnis

It is linked with increased appetite, more belly fat, raised mortality, back pain, and obesity. The blood flow to the muscles of heart neck, shoulders, limbs, and lower back gets restricted due to prolonged sitting. The immobility reduces the blood supply and causes brain impairment.

The badly affected metabolism of the body due to the decreased burning of fats degenerate the muscles. It decreases the stretch time for hip muscles, which ultimately become immobile in old age. It reduces the length of telomeres which protect the end of chromosomes and are made of DNA and proteins. The long telomeres stop the cell damage and affect the life of cells, while the shorter ones are linked to several age-related diseases.

The problems like organ damage, high blood pressure, and raised cholesterol are also caused by sitting. It doubles the chances of heart diseases, as the poor blood circulation allows the fatty acids to sit and clog the heart. The lack of body movement causes leg disorders. The hip and lower-body bones become weak and cause osteoporosis. It also affects the shape of the backbone, causes disk degeneration and leads to severe pain in waist and hips. It causes overall loss and deterioration of the body.

Walk for 5 Minutes After an Hour of Sitting

Prolonged Sitting
Wikimedia Commons by Richbrits
If you work for long hours on the desk then it is better to get up and take a little walk of 5 minutes after every hour. According to a research, those working for longer hours, by sitting at a single place need a little walk after each hour to reduce the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

It has been found that walks of 5 minutes alleviate the bad effect on the arteries of the feet as the muscles become sluggish and numb and fail to circulate the blood to the heart. 

It also badly impairs the blood carrying capability of the arteries and the blood circulation in the legs gets impaired.

The prolonged sitting is related to the endothelial process which is the primary cause of heart-related problems. 

Taking a break and walking in the room for 5 minuted delays the endothelial process. The endothelial process becomes active after a sitting of one hour. 

Therefore it has been advised to walk for 5 minutes after each hour of sitting.

The Fatal After Effects of Prolonged Sitting

Those who remain sitting on the chair or watch the television for longer durations do not live longer. The sitting deprives the body of physical activity which reduces the lifespan.
Smoking causes cancer and heart attack but the person with a habit of prolonged sitting not only suffers from these two diseases but also acquires several other diseases.
The researchers have proved that a risk of death due to different diseases caused by prolonged sitting is 27%, while that due to television watching is 19%.
Throughout the day the working people in cities sit in the office chairs for several hours or otherwise watch the televisions at home. Herein lie the risk and the danger and it is appropriate to get acquainted with the gravity of the situation and change the lifestyle accordingly.

Sitting is Fatal
The sedentary lifestyle causes several diseases. In reality, it means the routine or lifestyle in which the people pass their maximum time. The people do not get time for physical activity or yoga or exercises or any workout due to lethargy or the nature of their work.

The body, as a result, becomes slow due to prolonged sitting at home or in offices. It causes several diseases on one hand and the weak immune system on the other.

The Dangers of Prolonged Sitting
The diseases like diabetes high blood pressure and heart diseases occur due to the sitting for longer durations.
The sitting disturbs the normal flow of the blood in the body and the pain occurs in the back and muscles.

Increase in Cholesterol
The problem of blood pressure occurs due to prolonged sitting and the cholesterol levels also increase. Several heart-related diseases occur due to a sedentary lifestyle.

It is better not to remain sitting for the whole time while in office, Take little short breaks, walk for a while and stretch the body.

The risks get reduces if a person goes for the physical activity for at least an hour a day. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Gaucher Disease

It is an enzyme deficiency hereditary disease that blocks the metabolism of Lipids (a substance in blood), causing Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID). It causes irreparable brain damage and death, particularly in children.
High magnification micrograph of 
Gaucher disease and necrotic bone
Wikimedia Commons by Nephron 

The symptoms include swollen abdomen, build up of fats in tissues, enlargement of spleen and lever,bleeding, and the bones become so brittle that merely the rolling over the bed may fracture them.

To cure it the following steps are taken.

1. The virus is taken from an infected lab mouse.

2. The genetic material in the segment of virus is removed and replaced by enzyme producing human gene.

3. The altered viral particle is placed in a lab dish along with baby’s bone marrow derived cells.

4. Then the two are incubated causing the gene virus to fuse with the DNA of baby cells.

5. Thereafter the gene altered bone marrow cells are transplanted which manufacture the musing enzymes. If enough enzyme making cells are produced, the disease is cured.