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Sty or Hordeolum and the Home remedies

A sty is an infection occurring in eyelids at the base of eyelashes. It is both internal and external. The former occurs at the base of the eyelashes or sweat glands on the outer side of the lids in the form of red bumps. The latter also occurs as red bumps in the internal lining of eyelids with visible swelling.
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They come out in the form of pus but sometimes they cause great pain and come one after another.  It is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin A and vitamin D or occurs due to constipation.  Other reasons include the blockage in oil glands at the base of eyelash, malnutrition, eye rubbing, sleeplessness, water loss, unhygienic conditions etc.
They are painful but cause no lasting damage. When they are ruptured by pressing, the water, the staphylococcus bacteria in it and the pus cells spread elsewhere. They last in about 8-10 days without treatment. It begins with a small yellow spot which becomes like a pimple. 
It causes localized tenderness, swelling, and pain in the eyelid leading to droopiness and blinking problem. The symptoms include crusting of the eyelid margins together with the burning, tearing and itching sensation like the presence of foreign body in the eye. It follows by the mucous discharge from the eye causing light sensitivity and irritation.
They occur in the people of all ages especially teens.

1. Rub the soaked seed of date or chhuhara with water on the stone and apply the paste on sty 2-3 times a day.
2. Apply the paste of clove and basil or Ocimum on the affected areas.
3. Rub the myrobalan plum or harad with water on the stone and apply the paste on Sty for immediate relief.
4. The white sap which oozes from the snapped leaf of mango is a very effective application for Sty.
5. Prepare the paste of tamarind seed by rubbing it on stone with water and apply on affected areas.


1. Do not squeeze or puncture the Sty, as it leads to serious infection.
2. Do not share washcloths or face towels to inhibit its spreading.
3. The application of a washcloth soaked in warm water on the eyelids for 2-3 minutes decreases the spreading and occurrence of Sty, as it prevents blockage and liquefies the oil glands.
4. Do not share eye cosmetics or the related tools.
5. Follow proper eye hygiene.
6. Remove eye makeup before going to bed at night.
7. Throw away the outdated eye cosmetic.
8. Take proper sleep and avoid types of stress.
9. Avoid eye makeup as the infection may spread to the cornea.
10. Clean the affected areas with soap and tap water by keeping the eyes closed.
11. They are treated with antibiotic ointments.
12. Properly clean the burst Sty to avoid the spreading of infection.
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