Thursday, 10 July 2014

Juice Therapy Increases Overall Health

The fruits and vegetables found in nature provide right nutrition to the patients on one hand and work as tonics for the healthy people on the other. But generally the people take least interest in the juices of fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Wikimedia Commons by Scott Bauer
The cure of all maladies and diseases are found in the world of vegetation.

The fruits and vegetables could be used in two ways. The fruits are eaten in raw form and their juice could also be taken.

The vitamins present in the juice of fruits and vegetables purify the blood and increase the immune system. It also cleans the intestines and help in gut movement.

The juice acts as an injection of glucose to the patients as it immediately gets into the blood stream.

The packed juices instead of giving benefits may damage the health and hence it is advisable to take the juice in fresh and natural form.

The fruit juices flush out the toxins from the body.

Different maladies require different types of juices.

The mixture of the juices of carrot, spinach, cauliflower, tomato, raw turmeric and apple is beneficial in several diseases and act as an antioxidant.

The juice of Indian gooseberry, guava and orange are known to increase the immune system.
The juice of wheat grass and millet act as an elixir.

The juices of cucumber, carrot and tomato help in reducing the weight of the body. The mixture of the juices of cauliflower, watermelon and cucumber with few drops of lemon also helps in weight loss. Similarly the mixture of the juices of apple and pineapple could also be used. Besides these, the brisk walking, exercises and yoga will give good results.

The juices of carrot, cauliflower, pumpkin m apple and pineapple give relief in acidity. A few drops of lemon juice and a little sugar in a glass of water could be taken half an hour before meals to alleviate the acidity. A pinch of powdered Indian gooseberry is also beneficial.

The mixture of the juices of raw coconut, ginger and lemon is helpful in rheumatic arthritis. The blend of the juices of cherry, carrot and spinach is another alternative. A few drops of lemon juice in Luke warm water with the juice of ocimum, wheat grass and salad leaves are very helpful in rheumatic arthritis. 
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