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The Reasons of High Blood Pressure

The problem of high blood pressure has become a deadly disease. It has affected a large section of the populace of the world. The peculiar thing about it is that it catches the people unaware. The delayed diagnosis of high blood pressure is the main cause of it becoming more dreadful.
Human Heart
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The arteries become hard and get contracted in high blood pressure. This situation interrupts the reaching of blood to the brain and the heart attack occurs.

There is no early symptom of high blood pressure. The people with high BP do not have any problem till the heart attack occurs. That is why it is called a silent killer.

This disease has no cure but it could be kept under control.  

The pulmonary hypertension is the increased pressure inside the blood arteries leading to lungs. It is also a deadly disease. 

In high blood pressure the pressure of blood increases in the arteries coming out of the heart.

The common symptoms of high blood pressure are the respiratory difficulty, giddiness, tiredness etc. 

The symptoms like difficulty in respiration and cough are misleading and lead towards other treatments, while the primary treatment of high blood pressure gets delayed.  And hence the problem aggravates. 

Winter is dangerous for Heart

The problems of hypertension and high blood pressure are very common these days. Every third person suffers from heart problem. And the winters are very dangerous for the heart patients.The instances of heart attack increase with cold. These risks could be decreased if proper care of daily routine and diet is followed. 

Heart problem is a hidden and fatal disease. It could be detected when problem arises or the diagnosis is conducted. If you suffer from the problem or there is any patient of high blood pressure at home, extra care is needed during winter. The blood pressure increases in winter and decreases in summer. Among the heart patients the occurrence of brain stroke and heart attack increases in biting cold. 

The blood arteries get contracted in winter, which causes extra load or pressure on the heart to circulate the blood. This situation is dangerous for the people above sixty and the risk increases more with age. Therefore the heart patients need an extra care and attention in winter. They should regularly get their blood pressure checked and take the medicines accordingly at the right time in right doses. 

Care should be taken against cold and the right proportion of salt and oil be taken as the cholesterol also increases in winter due to changed lifestyle at that time. The increased cholesterol is also dangerous for heart patients. The levels of cholesterol increases and decreases due to eating habits, physical activity and the duration of time passed in sunlight. The levels of cholesterol starts decreasing in spring and become minimum in summer.

The heart patients should not allow the levels of cholesterol to increase by taking care of diet by avoiding greasy food. It is better to keep the body warm and spend enough time in sunlight. 
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