Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Aegle Marmelos for Diabetes

It is commonly known as bael in India, while other names are Bengal Quince or stone apple or wood apple. Its outer shell is hard like coconut. The inner core consists of yellow and sticky pulp with enough seeds. It tastes sweet and is a very healthy fruit which aids in digestion. It contains proteins, phosphorus, iron, calcium, far, fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B.
Stone Apple or Aegle Marmelos
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It is taken fresh. But the powder of dry fruit is also used. It is advisable to take it in empty stomach.

The raw fruit is good for stomach intestinal problems as large number of maladies have their origin in indigestion.

The regular intake of the juice of stone apple completely cures constipation and gives relief in piles.

The ripe fruit cleans the stomach and intestines, aids in movement of bowels and strengthens the gut.

In anaemia the powder of atone apple is taken with milk.

The raw fruit is helpful in loose motions.

In sunstroke the paste of leaves are applied on feet, while the juice is also given.

It is helpful in diabetes. The juice of crushed leaves of stone apple taken twice a day controls the levels of blood sugar.

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