Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How to Cope With Trepidation in Summer

Excessive sweating in summer drains out some minerals and water in the body and causes the loss especially of sodium and potassium.
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It causes dehydration and the person feels trepidation or nervousness due to increased palpitation. It entails sluggishness and sleeplessness causing great confusion about the well- being. 

The heart patients become tired and come under stress and in summer because of shorter days and longer nights which increases their blood pressure.

In summer season there is a loss of appetite and the body could not get enough calories and nutritious things. Hence the body becomes weak.

The body functions properly in 280 Celsius, but in summer the temperature goes beyond 350 Celsius, which badly affects the brain and heart. That is why the giddiness, headache, trepidation, weakness, sluggishness and nervousness occur.

In this season insufficient intake of water, excessive sunlight and hectic routine also cause trepidation.

So it is better to take enough water, glucose and lemon water. The nervousness or trepidation decreases by taking rest in cool place for half an hour. Consult the physician if the situation persists.

Do not step out of the house without eating anything.

Take curd and lassi or the drink made of yogurt or buttermilk in water base, sattu or staple food made of roasted gram flout or barley.

Take fruit juices especially of stone apple or aegle marmelos or bel, mango to re-hydrate the body.
Avoid eating pre-cut fruits in the market and always eat fresh food.

In trepidation or nervousness, don’t take any medicines on the advice of anyone expect the professional.

The intake of salt could be increased a little to cope with the loss of sodium and to maintain the blood pressure.
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