Monday, 30 June 2014

The Benefits of Green Vegetables

The green vegetables are a boon to the people of all ages. Generally, the people dislike green vegetables even if knowing that how much nutritious and beneficial they are. They are necessary for the children, adults, women and the old people.

Fresh Vegetables
Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons by Pam Brophy
The green vegetables contain all the nutritious things necessary for the growth and health of the body. Hence they should be taken daily. They keep the person healthy and fresh.

They contain the much-valued vitamin A needed for vision. Spinach is very good for the health of the eyes.

Spinach, fenugreek, mint, broad or butter beans and beans are full of iron, which is essential for all especially women. The iron is good for anemia.

For the overall health of skin, the green vegetables contain calcium, beta-carotene and vitamin C in abundance.

These reduce the deficiency of vitamin A and B complex in the body.

The intake of mint alleviates a headache, migraine, cold and improves the health of the stomach and kidneys by removing the toxins from the body.

Overcooking destroys the vitamin C in the vegetables and it would be better to cook them in a pressure cooker.

In case of taking the vegetables in raw form it is advisable to wash them thoroughly, otherwise, the germs sticking on them would cause several diseases.

Always eat fresh vegetables as the vitamins and minerals present in them start decaying with time.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Mystery of Lucid Dreams

There are three stages of consciousness, the conscious, the sub-conscious and the unconsciousness. The dreams occur due to the interaction of the last two when the first one is not awake.
The Sleep is Necessary
Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons by Abihail Valenzuelao

The dreams in the category of lucid dreams are clear and vivid. They are synthesized in two stages of consciousness. Our conscious brain sleeps and the sub-conscious interacts with the un-conscious on becoming super conscious. This situation controls the highest consciousness thus achieved.

In such a condition the desires and unfulfilled in awaken world come before us in a concrete form in lucid dreams. It is due to the reason that the strong gamma rays become active in the brain during lucid dreams.

The peculiar thing is that in such a stage all the physical signs are of the real world, but they appear in sleep. If such a person is waken he or she would claim not to be asleep at all.

The waves emanating from the brain are very minute and are followed by the condition of ram. The dreams of this stage are very clear and bright.

The lucid dream can come in both the stages of consciousness, one is the level where dreams come and the other is the place where our awaken memories are stored and transmitted for dreams formation.   

The lucid dream begins with a normal dream and is a sign of entering into the world of dreams. Here the subject enters the stage of deep dreams without any hindrance. The effect of outer world remains on the subject. The subject dreams of walking on river, if water is thrown on his feet. If there is light music in the room the dream takes the shape of being in the fairyland. If cool breeze enters the room from the window, the subject dreams of flying like the birds.

Such dreams are sometimes beneficial. Sometimes a hand is extended to get hold of something and on being suddenly awaken one finds the arm extended like in dream. One becomes a superhuman in dreams, and finds himself walking on fire, or flying to get hold of the sun, or becoming a great author, or an invincible warrior.

The lucid dreams are different from common dreams as the person has the realization of being in dream.
Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons by Gustav Courbet 

The person has to be extra sensitive to have the experience of lucid dream. The continual experience of lucid dreams elevates the mental level of the subject and makes him more aware and sensitive. It increases the farsightedness and makes the subject more careful towards his surroundings.

It is true that many people in the world live without any imagination or fantasy. But lucid dream is an interesting and pleasing experience through which the subject passes.

Just imagine meeting your ideal dream person. The romance of lucid dreams fulfills the life with warmth and effulgence and makes a person special in his own eyes.

These dreams are different from nightmares. The researchers and scientists have performed several experiments about lucid dreams to unravel the mystery of consciousness. These dreams gave them a chance to understand the working of the brain. It shows that how the brain conducts its working from one stage of consciousness to another. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Reasons of High Blood Pressure

The problem of high blood pressure has become a deadly disease. It has affected a large section of the populace of the world. The peculiar thing about it is that it catches the people unaware. The delayed diagnosis of high blood pressure is the main cause of it becoming more dreadful.
Human Heart
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by ZooFari

The arteries become hard and get contracted in high blood pressure. This situation interrupts the reaching of blood to the brain and the heart attack occurs.

There is no early symptom of high blood pressure. The people with high BP do not have any problem till the heart attack occurs. That is why it is called a silent killer.

This disease has no cure but it could be kept under control.  

The pulmonary hypertension is the increased pressure inside the blood arteries leading to lungs. It is also a deadly disease. 

In high blood pressure the pressure of blood increases in the arteries coming out of the heart.

The common symptoms of high blood pressure are the respiratory difficulty, giddiness, tiredness etc. 

The symptoms like difficulty in respiration and cough are misleading and lead towards other treatments, while the primary treatment of high blood pressure gets delayed.  And hence the problem aggravates. 

Winter is dangerous for Heart

The problems of hypertension and high blood pressure are very common these days. Every third person suffers from heart problem. And the winters are very dangerous for the heart patients.The instances of heart attack increase with cold. These risks could be decreased if proper care of daily routine and diet is followed. 

Heart problem is a hidden and fatal disease. It could be detected when problem arises or the diagnosis is conducted. If you suffer from the problem or there is any patient of high blood pressure at home, extra care is needed during winter. The blood pressure increases in winter and decreases in summer. Among the heart patients the occurrence of brain stroke and heart attack increases in biting cold. 

The blood arteries get contracted in winter, which causes extra load or pressure on the heart to circulate the blood. This situation is dangerous for the people above sixty and the risk increases more with age. Therefore the heart patients need an extra care and attention in winter. They should regularly get their blood pressure checked and take the medicines accordingly at the right time in right doses. 

Care should be taken against cold and the right proportion of salt and oil be taken as the cholesterol also increases in winter due to changed lifestyle at that time. The increased cholesterol is also dangerous for heart patients. The levels of cholesterol increases and decreases due to eating habits, physical activity and the duration of time passed in sunlight. The levels of cholesterol starts decreasing in spring and become minimum in summer.

The heart patients should not allow the levels of cholesterol to increase by taking care of diet by avoiding greasy food. It is better to keep the body warm and spend enough time in sunlight. 

Diabetes and Heart Problem in Obese Kids

A decade ago the diabetes afflicted the adults but now due to the changing lifestyle this deadly disease is taking the kids in its fold too. It has become the concern of the parents to ascertain whether the kid is suffering from diabetes or not.

Diabetes in Kids
Photo Credit-Wikimedia Commons by Stewart Butterfield  
The reason for diabetes in kids is that their bodies are becoming unable to make insulin. This deficiency has to be made by the external intake of insulin.

The problem known as teenage diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes is redefining the life of children. Such children need a proper care to manage the levels of blood sugar.

The excessive intake of calories, decrease in fiber contents in food, lack of physical activities, change in lifestyle and eating saturated fats or common sugar or sweets or junk food are the main reasons due to which a child could become afflicted with type II diabetes.  

Most of the people are ignorant of the fact that a child could become a diabetic patient. It is only in the later stages that the teenage diabetes is detected and then the situation becomes out of control.

The beginning of the problem is slow and the parents generally avoid the symptoms for being unclear about them.

Despite these there is an increased desire for thirst and urination among the children, together with the lethargy and a drastic loss in weight. These symptoms of diabetes should be seriously monitored and a proper medical diagnosis be conducted at the earliest.

To avoid diabetes among the teenagers and children it is advisable to engage them in physical activities, check their obesity, take care of their eating habits and occasionally check their blood sugar levels. Otherwise the results could be devastating.

Obese Kids Aged Just 15 Show Signs of Heart Disease

A new study has shown that kids within the age group of 9 to 12 years of age having a high body mass index or BMI are more likely to have high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood insulin levels by the time each of them reach their adolescent age. These all are high risk levels for heart disease. A total of 5235 children took part in the study.

The children were the part of the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, which has traced the health of more than 14,000 children since birth. The BMI of the children, waist circumference and fat mass between the ages of 9-12 was assessed. The blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and insulin levels were tested when the children reached adolescence at the age of 15 to 16 years.The positive results in these tests are the risk factors for heart disease.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Sacred Fi g or Peepal for Asthma, Diabetes and Infertility

The Peepal is a large evergreen tree with cordate shaped leaves. It is known as Ficus religiosa or sacred fig. The tree is a species of fig belonging to the Moraceae or the fig or mulberry family. It is native to the Indian subcontinent and south-west China. In India and Nepal, the Peepal is also known as the bodhi tree or ashwattha tree.

It can go up to the heights of 30 meters and its trunk sometimes becomes 3 meters in diameter. Its fruits are small like figs and are about 1 cm in diameter.

Species and Name

The Peepal Tree
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Wiki-UK
It is a species of the fig tree in the mulberry family and is also called boo tree or Bodhi tree or tree of wisdom, Indian moraceous tree. It resembles the banyan tree and is regarded as sacred by the Hindus and The Buddhists, The former believe that Lord Brahma created the universe under it, and for the latter Lord Buddha got enlightenment under its shade. Its scientific name is Ficus religiosa.


It is found in the Indian subcontinent in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Indian neighborhood in China and Tibet.  


It contains tannins, tannic acid, aspartic acid, flavonoids, steroids, vitamin K1, cardiac glycosides, arginine, serine, tyrosine, methionine, glycine, threonine, alanine, tryptophan etc.

Traditional medicinal uses

The peepal tree gives oxygen throughout the day for 24 hours, unlike other trees. It has great medicinal value and almost all parts of it including bark, leaves, shoots, fruit, seeds, and latex are used in traditional medicines. Its leaves are extensively used due to the numerous benefits. 

It is used in more than 50 physical diseases like asthma, diabetes, diarrhea, epilepsy, gastric problems, infectious and sexual disorders and inflammatory problems.

The leaves serve as a wonderful laxative as well as a tonic for the body.

The leaves are especially used in jaundice. In case of jaundice, grind 3-4 fresh leaves and mix them with 250 ml water. Filter the extract and add a little candy sugar in it. Take it twice a day for 3-4 days. It helps to control the excessive amount of urine released during jaundice.

Health Benefits in Conventional Medicines

Snake Bite

In case of snakebite, two tablespoons of the sap of leaves could be given thrice or four times after small intervals to reduce the effect of poison, till the medical help arrives.  

Sex Drives and Infertility

The powder of the fruits is used in traditional medicines to purify the blood, to treat infertility and to increases the sex drives. Grind equal amounts of the dry fruits of peepal and candy sugar and take two tablespoons of it every day in the morning with milk from the first day of menstruation up to the next cycle. It would be better if both husband and wife take it regularly. It strengthens the sperms and the uterus. 

Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic

The leaf extract acts as an analgesic or painkiller and is anti-inflammatory too. It can control arthritis and rheumatic pains.


The intake of dry fruit powder and the powder of bark in equal parts gives relief in asthma.


The extract of fruits has shown anticonvulsive effects caused due to electrical shocks and chemicals in laboratory tests and the further researches are underway.


In beauty treatment, the paste of dry bark is also used to treat pimples and the fairness of skin is achieved by its face mask.

The leaf extracts have been found to be helpful in inducing deep sleep in insomnia.

Tooth Cleaning

Its fresh twig could be used to brush the teeth.It removes the stains and kills the bacteria.


The extract of leaves has anti-microbial properties and can control the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Wound healing

Rub the bark on pumice stone with little water and apply to treat burn injury, wounds, swelling, and skin eruption. The extract of leaves also heals the wounds. The excision and incision wounds healed faster as compared to the wounds treated without medicines.

Memory Improvement

The fruit extracts have been found to improve the memory in laboratory tests conducted by the researchers in behavior controlled environments created for amnesia.


The milk-like sap coming out of its leaves is used to cure sty and other eyesores.

Nose Bleeding
A few drops of the fresh sap put inside the nostrils stops the bleeding from the nose.

Cardiac Health

The extract reduces the cholesterol levels and is good for the overall health of the heart. It can treat heart disorders, control the heart palpitations and gives strength to the cardiac muscles.


The sap of leaves and bark could be used to treat the blisters on feet and hands.


Take the powder of dry and ripe fruits with honey to cure blabbing, to remove the harshness and to make the voice sweet.


In researches, the extract of leaves has also shown results in decreasing the blood sugar levels and controls diabetes.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

How to Save the Eyes from Ultraviolet Rays of Sunlight

Save the eyes
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Egghead06
The sunscreen is used to save the skin from the sunlight. Similarly the glasses with appropriate lenses should be used to save the eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.  

The excessive amounts of incoming ultraviolet rays entering the eyes cause cataract, retina damage and several other problems.

In summer the ultraviolet rays are the severest. Hence it is advisable to use the black lenses or those coated with a layer to stop the ultraviolet rays, dust and hot air from directly entering the eyes.

The problem of dryness in eyes is common in summer and it is better to use the eye drops on medical advice to keep the eyes moist.

Due to increase in temperature and pollution in summer, the eyes become more sensitive towards allergies especially of children. Irritation, burning sensation and redness occur due to allergens. So it is advisable to wash the eyes with clean water twice a day, avoid rubbing the eyes, keep away from dust and use the glasses in sunlight.

Conjunctivitis or pink eye or eye flu is very common in summer. It is associated with pricking sensation and water discharge from eyes. This problem is contagious and needs immediate cure. During this problem take care of cleanliness of the eyes and wash the eyes with clean water. Don’t share the towel or handkerchief with anyone. Avoid public contact for two days so that it may not spread further.

Use good quality glasses while swimming to check the water from entering into the eyes. Excessive chlorination and addition of other chemicals is done in the swimming pool in order to keep the water safe. This water is harmful to the eyes and may cause a burning sensation. 

The swelling of eyelids may occur due to infection, together with redness and pain. In case of the problem of sty, it is better to use warm water bottle against the eyes with antibiotics and analgesics. Always wash the eyes with clean water, immediately after coming out of the pool.

Avoid the air of air conditioners from directly entering the eyes as it causes dryness.

Consult the physician if the pain in the eyes occurs on the next morning after remaining in sunlight.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Health Problems of Insufficient Sleep

Sleep is Necessary
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Ed Yourdon
Insufficient sleep causes several problems.

It suppresses the overall growth of the body.

The sleep increases is necessary for overall health.

The sleeplessness leads to increased risks of obesity.

Insufficient sleep causes cognitive impairment and memory loss.

It creates stress by causing irritability and also impairs the moral judgment.

It changes the normal heart rate and thereby increases the risk of heart disease. 

It causes severe yawning due to improper use of oxygen by the body and affects the immune system.

It decreases the normal temperature of the body and causes several temperature related problems like indigestion etc.

The restlessness associated with it leads to hallucinations and increases the blood sugar which may lead to type 2 diabetes.

Sleeplessness decreases the reaction time and accuracy of the normal functioning of the muscles and thereby causes tremors and aches.


Instead of artificial means the positive attitude is necessary for sleep. Here are few tips for sleepless.  

The thought and worries about sleep causes sleeplessness. Lie down in easy and comfortable position and stop thinking about sleep.

Do not think about the affairs, problems or tensions of the day or about the next day.
Try reading a book as it will help to keep the thought of sleeplessness away.

Eating salad with garlic at night is best for sleeplessness.

The Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil in Thyroid Treatment

Coconut Oil in Solid State.
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Sentient Planet

The organic coconut oil has several health benefits and it is excellent for thyroid treatment.

The rich amount of lauric acid contained in it gets converted into a mono-glyceride called mono- laurin inside the body. This compound can destroy the several viruses and bacteria.

It contains medium chain fatty acids which increase the metabolism of the body, fights against pathogens and boosts the immune system.

The coconut oil is used in general household cleaning and natural shining of furniture.
The main precaution is to choose an organic, unrefined, unbleached coconut oil made without heat processing or chemicals. Besides it should not contain genetically engineered ingredients or preservatives. 

The other uses of coconut oil together with cooking and eating are in topical application in beauty products.

It is also used on burns and first aid treatments.

The recent researches prove that it may become a natural treatment for Alzheimer's disease. It is due to the reason that the ketone bodies derived from medium chain fatty acids act as an alternate source of brain fuel. It thereby prevents the brain loss associated with dementia or the memory loss.

Another wonderful thing about the coconut oil is that it does not produce an insulin spike in the bloodstream. Hence a spoonful of it could be taken for a quick energy boost without any increase in blood sugar.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Reasons of Swelling in Feet

Swollen feet
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons
We live in an environment where the parasites, fungi, virus and other harmful bacteria are found in plenty. Bur when our safety cover of skin gets cut, bruised, injured and damaged due to dryness or blisters occur on heels etc. these foreign bodies enter the blood stream and cause serious problems.

If the immune system of the body is weak then swelling occurs on the affected areas due to the flow of protein matter in the arteries.

The swelling also occurs due to mosquito bite or close contact with some harmful chemical. The affected spot also becomes red and hot. The pain begins and the flow of blood increases in the problem spot and the working power of the muscles decreases.

If the infection is severe then the swelling increases and the dead white cells turn into pus cells. In such a situation the antibiotics are given. Other remedies like ointment, balms and oil massage are also used.

In order to avoid such a situation certain precautions should be taken. Avoid cuts and bruises and work with patience. The immune system could be strengthened by the balanced and nutritious food. 

Avoid dampness inside the house and keep it airy. The sunlight inside the house is a welcome thing. The dampness, darkness and absence of fresh air provides a fertile ground for infections.   

The Reasons of Swelling in Feet

The swelling in the feet is very common but it should not be avoided. There are several reasons for the swollen feet like sprain, long walking, continuous standing or sitting, exercises and sports activities. Some people especially the ladies get afflicted with it even during the prolonged shopping.
In such cases the pain in the feet is so sever  that a person could not sleep.
There are some home remedies to reduce the swelling of the feet and on should immediately consult the physician, if the problem persists.
1. Warm Water and Salt
Put some salt especially the rock salt in the warm water and dip the feet in it. This could be done before going to bed at night. The addition of some scented oil would also give additional relief. Remove the feet out of the water when it becomes cold.
2. Massage with Warm Oil
Massage the feet with warm oil before going to bed at night. It will reduce the swelling, pain and stress. Any type of oil could be used for the foot massage.
3. Yoga
There are some exercises of yoga which strengthen the foot muscles and give relief from the pains. The simple Sun obeisance increases the blood circulation to the feet and alleviates the pain.
4.  Cleanliness

The dirt and filth in the body also causes the swelling in the feet. So it is advisable to keep the body clean by drinking enough water to flush out the toxins from the body. 

The Bahera or Terminalia bellirica for Piles

The large deciduous tree of Behara or Terminalia Bellirica sometimes go up to the height of 30 meters and their bark is about 2 centimetre thick. It is found on hilly areas and highlands. It is beneficial to sit in the shade of the tree. Its leaves are like that of an oak.

The fruit and bark is used for medicinal purposes. The nutritious fruit has little bitterness and is light in weight.

The Fruit of Behra
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons
It helps in constipation, gives gut strength and cures the piles problem.

It also increases appetite and alleviates headache.

It improves the eyesight and strengthens the functions of the brain.

It acts against cold, cough and respiratory problems and kills the tape worms in the stomach.
It acts against dandruff, hair fall and gives extra shine to hair turns the white hair black when the paste of dry fruit is applied on hair.

It is a pain killer, blood purifier and helps in nausea.

The powder of it is put into the eyes to reduce the swelling.

It helps in the burning sensations of hands and feet. 

The Sugar Cane Juice helps in Jaundice

The sugar cane juice is a cool and delicious drink. It should always be taken fresh. It contains minerals, vitamins, and several antioxidants.

It gives instant energy due to the presence of sufficient amount of iron and carbohydrates in it.

 Wikimedia Commons
The minerals and organic acid in it make it a medicinal drink.

It is beneficial in anaemia, jaundice, hiccup, brain and gut strength, etc. It strengthens the kidney functions and improves the eyesight.

It helps in acidity and soothes the burning sensation.

When taken with lemon and little salt it helps in the speedy recovery in jaundice.

The kidney stones are formed when there is deficiency of water in body. The continuous replenishing of water requirement in the body reduces the risk of stone formation. On the other hand the cane juice breaks the stones and fulfils the water needs.

The juice can also be taken in diabetes, because it balances the blood sugar levels and has no harmful sweeteners in it.  

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Aegle Marmelos for Diabetes

It is commonly known as bael in India, while other names are Bengal Quince or stone apple or wood apple. Its outer shell is hard like coconut. The inner core consists of yellow and sticky pulp with enough seeds. It tastes sweet and is a very healthy fruit which aids in digestion. It contains proteins, phosphorus, iron, calcium, far, fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B.
Stone Apple or Aegle Marmelos
Wikimedia Commons

It is taken fresh. But the powder of dry fruit is also used. It is advisable to take it in empty stomach.

The raw fruit is good for stomach intestinal problems as large number of maladies have their origin in indigestion.

The regular intake of the juice of stone apple completely cures constipation and gives relief in piles.

The ripe fruit cleans the stomach and intestines, aids in movement of bowels and strengthens the gut.

In anaemia the powder of atone apple is taken with milk.

The raw fruit is helpful in loose motions.

In sunstroke the paste of leaves are applied on feet, while the juice is also given.

It is helpful in diabetes. The juice of crushed leaves of stone apple taken twice a day controls the levels of blood sugar.